The ENTIRE History of Fortnite Chapter 2


The History of Fortnite Chapter 2
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  • the mighty panda
    the mighty panda2 aylar önce

    This gives me goosebumps. Can't believe I got to play thru all of this. The nostalgia is gonna be hard with this one!

  • Coolecr210


    Aylar önce

    i started playing ch1 s2 and watching these videos brings back so many memories and it’s honestly really cool to see how much the game has progressed!

  • ItzHotlava


    Aylar önce

    We will get chapter 2 flashbacks in the event confirmed

  • The_bot


    2 aylar önce

    I wish I could’ve played earlier on

  • Micah
    Micah2 aylar önce

    im definitely gonna have nostalgia for this map because of all the memories i made on it in during the covid lockdown days, even though i didn't like it anywhere near as much as the chapter 1 one im gonna miss it still

  • Lake


    Aylar önce

    Me too.. I literally just had a ton of flashbacks to all the good memories I had with my now disbanded group.. I miss it so much, the key to the group was on mobile.. so he can’t play anymore. The others became toxic.

  • AnemicIsh🌟


    2 aylar önce


  • Jay ジェイもやった

    Jay ジェイもやった

    2 aylar önce

    fr the Covid lockdown days when school was closed, wake up and get on. that was the feeling of me everyday

  • Random Boi

    Random Boi

    2 aylar önce

    Dude Fr my favorite chapter was season 2 from this new map, especially during covid lockdown that was nostalgia and I’m gonna miss it

  • Jaka Vovk

    Jaka Vovk

    2 aylar önce

    Season 2 map was goated bro

  • ZeroVoidd
    ZeroVoidd2 aylar önce

    I remember that every start of season has always felt so magical. Thank you for making this amazing video. Can’t wait to see you all on the flip side...

  • LegendAvery


    2 aylar önce


  • Mia's Adventures

    Mia's Adventures

    2 aylar önce

    Flip side?

  • WAL DrixzyFN

    WAL DrixzyFN

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 490 I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..

  • 8-Bit Gamer

    8-Bit Gamer

    2 aylar önce

    I haven’t been excited for a season since season 10 which is the last season is kinda liked

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master2 aylar önce

    One thing that I would really love too see make a return for chapter 3 are those storyline loading screens that explain what’s going on in each season I’ve always loved those since it keeps the story more interesting and intriguing and answers a lot of unsolved questions and mysteries when something random has happened I mean I don’t think anyone else will really care besides me but I would love too see that come back some how

  • Gaming Gamer
    Gaming Gamer2 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 season 2 was lit, although I'm biased I mostly played chapter 2 during season 2 and it was awesome. A juicy lore event and at the end they finished it with a flood. Also the Shadow and ghost thing was cool.

  • Qase
    Qase2 aylar önce

    I’m so happy we’re moving on, the only thing I’ll miss about this chapter is season 1 - 3 and a little of 4



    Aylar önce

    @CBWG I don’t like season 4



    Aylar önce

    @CBWG Ikr I only really liked chapter 2 season 2 season 3 and season 6

  • Ethan Davies

    Ethan Davies

    Aylar önce

    @CBWG I know it was ok

  • CBWG


    Aylar önce

    @Ethan Davies season 4 chapter 1 was amazing, although i was talking about chapter 2, which was a lot worse

  • Ethan Davies

    Ethan Davies

    Aylar önce

    @CBWG We were obsessed with season 4 because 1. They kinda had hero skins. 2.we were all shocked about tilted not being destroyed and 3. Fortnite came to the switch

  • 6PATAH
    6PATAH2 aylar önce

    I feel like for chapter 3 , they should add a weather feature. Like rain or thunder.

  • 6PATAH


    Aylar önce

    @IkerWorld I commented this before chapter 3 was even out 😅

  • IkerWorld


    Aylar önce

    But they did

  • RxzorbladeYoutube


    Aylar önce

    Theres already the storm

  • Riskyy


    2 aylar önce

    *Kobes made a really sus comment on my video.??* *Kobes made a really sus comment on my video.??*

  • Sam Loves Horror Movies
    Sam Loves Horror Movies2 aylar önce

    Great video, but I can't believe that Maya being the first customizable battle pass character and the Fortnite Crew barely got a mention. Both were big things in Chapter 2.

  • MAZN
    MAZN2 aylar önce

    Finally chapter 3 is near... that's what I'm waiting for! I Have Never Enjoyed Chapter 2 after 2 years of playing, I hope chapter 3 will be insane as chapter 1 like retexture chapter 1 map and putting chapter 1 hills into chapter 3 (It's Just My Opinion) tbh

  • u forgor
    u forgorAylar önce

    I miss chapter 2 season 2 in particular. There was just something about it that I loved so much. I think it had to do with the fact I started getting serious around that time.

  • Aathish's World
    Aathish's World2 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 Season 2 and 4 were thr best seasons in Chapter 2. Really enjoyed playing those two seasons. The good days...

  • Slow
    Slow2 aylar önce

    Man. I can’t believe it. Not even 10 seasons and chapter 2 is about to end. Some were better than others but I loved playing through every season . I gotta say I’m glad a returned in chapter 2 to see this free shooter game evolve. Now all we have is the future that looks pretty bright. Onto chapter 3 with hope and confidence!

  • H. Jani
    H. Jani2 aylar önce

    the only big issue we have with this chapter is map changing but rest was good and enjoyble

  • Hp Plays
    Hp Plays2 aylar önce

    Let’s watch this in 2 years and see how much the game has changed

  • psycho


    Aylar önce

    @Just some Highschool Student lmao if someone hates on fn,they always say its dead,in reality its not at all..

  • koay kathleen

    koay kathleen

    Aylar önce

    Lmao I’m gonna miss these seasons

  • Dog Socks

    Dog Socks

    Aylar önce

    @Just some Highschool Student this video alone has a million views. And the end teaser got 2 million views in 1 day

  • Just some Highschool Student

    Just some Highschool Student

    Aylar önce

    @B33gNuub it already is

  • Gutierrez Tribe

    Gutierrez Tribe

    2 aylar önce

    @B33gNuub I think that’s a fact

  • 𝑻𝑺𝑹_𝒋𝒙𝒏𝒊𝒐𝒓
    𝑻𝑺𝑹_𝒋𝒙𝒏𝒊𝒐𝒓2 aylar önce

    I hope next season they could bring map rotations. Like the maps switch after like an hour or so. Like in Apex I think it would be great

  • Archie
    Archie2 aylar önce

    I am feeling so nostalgic, I wish I could go spend a day in every part of the chapter.

  • Elox


    2 aylar önce

    You can, use the ryft system to go to any chapter/season you want

  • UnkwonShadow
    UnkwonShadow2 aylar önce

    4:43 The rapid fire smg was added in season 2 but it was a secret weapon that was hidden in a shadow base (It was below the gas station near the farm, now the farm is corny complex)

  • oni
    oni2 aylar önce

    Ch2 will forever have a place in my heart tbh. Memories of playing the new seasons during quarantine, not worrying abt school

  • Strikeo Plays
    Strikeo Plays2 aylar önce

    I may have not liked some seasons at the start, but they were all fun and i will miss all of them, Season 2 was my favorite overall but each had so much to offer. The Live Events, collabs, mythics, and everything new! Cant wait for everything in next chapter!

  • Dark
    Dark2 aylar önce

    i'll miss the second chapter in particular

  • Doctor Gravy

    Doctor Gravy

    Aylar önce

    Ive seen you somewhere btw i subbed

  • CopyCrane95


    2 aylar önce

    i’m hoping one day they’ll do a season like this again, especially the theme i can only wish that they will do another spy themed one

  • The Quebekers!

    The Quebekers!

    2 aylar önce

    @not stevenmeister123 what?

  • Sus


    2 aylar önce

    @not stevenmeister123 your toxic bro

  • Inner Echo

    Inner Echo

    2 aylar önce

    awesome buying subscribers

  • tidepod kun
    tidepod kun2 aylar önce

    The mythic bosses and what came with them were the best feature of chapter, one of the best features ever introduced in Fortnite. Truly amazing. ❤️

  • Benjamin Aimson

    Benjamin Aimson

    Aylar önce

    @Cole Slayz no one cares

  • Sleepy Joe

    Sleepy Joe

    2 aylar önce

    @RileysHuman Same

  • saransh sharma

    saransh sharma

    2 aylar önce

    @RileysHuman same bro

  • RileysHuman


    2 aylar önce

    @saransh sharma damn that means it’s doing to be 2 years of me owning this game

  • saransh sharma

    saransh sharma

    2 aylar önce

    @RileysHuman true, omg i can't believe in 3 months it's gonna be 2 years of ch2 sea2 😭😭❤️❤️🔥

  • Playmaster
    Playmaster2 aylar önce

    I was only around for the latter half of chapter 1, but Chapter 2.... I watched its birth from the black hole. I played through every season, got every tier 100 skin, played the events, investigated every part of the lore and fell in love completey with the Apollo island. I got to be there for all of it It saddens me to realize that this is the end...

  • Drift
    Drift 2 aylar önce

    0:12 chapter 2 season 1 🗺 1:31 chapter 2 season 2⚜️ 3:57 chapter 2 season 3 🌊 5:29 chapter 2 season 4 🦸🌌 6:18 Chapter 2 season 5🤠🔵 8:10 Chapter 2 season 6 🐺🐖 9:35chapter 2 season 7👽🛸🟪 11:44 chapter 2 season 8 🟨🟪🟦 👸 13:13 End of chapter 2 goodbye chapter 2

  • NSC-Blade


    2 aylar önce

    Lol thanks

  • 300 subbs for my brother
    300 subbs for my brother2 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 season 2 was lit, although I'm biased I mostly played chapter 2 during season 2 and it was awesome. A juicy lore event and at the end they finished it with a flood. Also the Shadow and ghost thing was cool

  • JGokuu


    2 aylar önce

    hi i did a chapter 2 review on my channel if you wanna check it out :)))

  • realisticallyrequiem_YT
    realisticallyrequiem_YT2 aylar önce

    We need a video about ideas on improving features please. Like adding Guns or ARMOR to cars as new mods

  • Mama Llama
    Mama Llama2 aylar önce

    Such an Awesome overview of Chapter 2! Great job!

  • reflex
    reflex2 aylar önce

    some cool things they could add in chap 3 is animated loading screens and also when your filling up a car with gas there’s an actual spot to put the pump in, their not big things but their cool

  • Muhammad Umair Khawar
    Muhammad Umair Khawar2 aylar önce

    can't believe we are so close to the end of chapter 2. it feels like yesterday was the end event of the first chapter.

  • NerdySpark787
    NerdySpark7872 aylar önce

    can i correct you on just 2 things. the rapid fire smg was available in C2S2 but you could only get it off henchmen at the grotto. also loserfruits skin was released in C2S3

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M2 aylar önce

    Keep doing daily videos! Really love watching them

  • Kevin Not The Cube
    Kevin Not The Cube 2 aylar önce

    That was a great watch! Thank you T5G!

  • SCorched
    SCorchedAylar önce

    Chapter 2 in my opinion was a huge miss. It did not deliver on the map as the map felt way more cluttered then the chapter 1 season 9 map and continued on make the map feel like a shell of its former self. Chapter 3 definitely hit tho. With its new sliding feature and builds on all the features of the last chapter and well SPIDER-MAN chapter 3 is starting out strong hopefully it stays that way.

  • Mr. Nitro
    Mr. Nitro2 aylar önce

    I first played fortnite in season 4 of chapter 1,but back then for some reason i didnt like it.After a while i started playing at chapter 2 season 2 and i have been playing since.Chapter 2 will always have a place in my heart and i cant wait to see what chapter 3 will do for this game.

  • Vyom Sehgal
    Vyom Sehgal2 aylar önce

    This was a pretty memorable chapter I will miss chapter 2

  • Fillie
    Fillie2 aylar önce

    It's a shame we didn't get Samus in Season 5. She's part of Nintendo and a literal bounty hunter, she would've fit very well with that season. If only Nintendo didn't suck as much.

  • black fighter
    black fighter2 aylar önce

    Season 4 was my favorite season I wish they did stuff like that more and put the skins in the battle pass instead just releasing them non stop in the item shop

  • eigow ou
    eigow ou2 aylar önce

    These videos are literally soo good and fun to watch 😊❤️ Love your videos. >

  • ChungusGaming08
    ChungusGaming082 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 Season 2 and 4 were hands down the best seasons of this chapter.

  • Jalyn Garrett

    Jalyn Garrett

    3 gün önce

    True but I loved chapter 2 season 5

  • Xav


    3 gün önce

    i only got to play in one of them cuz mobile ban

  • lion MAGIC

    lion MAGIC

    15 gün önce


  • Barry Heavey

    Barry Heavey

    15 gün önce

    And 7 but yeah defo

  • ItsEthan


    16 gün önce


  • MasBoy3000
    MasBoy30002 aylar önce

    Surprised he didn’t mention that sand tunnelling was disabled for most of season 5!

  • Carlo Hiponia
    Carlo Hiponia2 aylar önce

    Chapter 3 has so many updates and storylines and i wanna see the end of this season honestly he gotta give credit to top5gaming for telling us.

  • LemonBoy
    LemonBoy2 aylar önce

    I'm so happy chapter 3 is around the corner (I did enjoy some seasons and I hated others) but one of my biggest regrets was getting ghost brutus and not shadow

  • Open Source Is ❤️
    Open Source Is ❤️2 aylar önce

    Ik many people hated chapter 2 because of content, but looking back at it, it gave us a lot more of it than chapter 1 imo

    BESTBOY212 aylar önce

    Hey t5g, I was just watching the chapter 2 season 2 trailer and you know how the bushranger skin was writing on the tree? Well, he actually had the seven symbol that you talked about in one of your recent videos, so maybe that means ghost’s side are associated with them. I don’t know much about it, but it might be helpful. Thanks!

  • Platinum


    2 aylar önce

    T5g have talked about it before

  • Viva_ Infinate682
    Viva_ Infinate68225 gün önce

    In my opinion, why would people hate Coral Castle? It’s honestly great, plus it has the most chest spawn guarantee out of every P.O.I.

  • Likidy Squidwater
    Likidy Squidwater2 aylar önce

    I loved seasons 2,4 and 7, but 6 and 8 were almost unplayable for me lol Can’t wait for 3!!!

  • Mike Mellor

    Mike Mellor

    2 aylar önce

    Season 8 was alright for me but i agree, season 6 was the worst season ever it was awful

  • GD Roque
    GD Roque2 aylar önce

    I want a chapter 2 nostalgia trip when chapter 3 comes out

  • not a big man
    not a big man2 aylar önce

    Thanks for this video! I missed some of chapter 2 (season 3,6,7) so this is really useful :D

  • Mike Mellor

    Mike Mellor

    2 aylar önce

    @not a big man my bad

  • Mike Mellor

    Mike Mellor

    2 aylar önce

    @not a big man 6

  • not a big man

    not a big man

    2 aylar önce

    @Mike Mellor what season?

  • Mike Mellor

    Mike Mellor

    2 aylar önce

    Season was god awful and if you liked it, thats fine because nostalgia but god its was so bad

  • ObsidianIsOk
    ObsidianIsOk2 aylar önce

    im anticipating the ice king to come back at some point. maybe the prisoner will return aswell since hes shown in the imposters gamemode? maybe in the event this season. we will see.

  • Goldfranks
    Goldfranks2 aylar önce

    I will miss all of this… I’m very excited for chapter 3 though! :D

  • Raven Plays
    Raven Plays2 aylar önce

    I miss season 1 of the chapter, its so nostalgic to go back and look at the old skins from it and the presets i made. I remember i had a huge crush on the journey skin omg. (Journey style from journey vs toxin skin) to this day i still regret not being super devoted to that battle pass- i got most of the skins but not the alter egos :( still it was amazing, but i remember being so determined to finish the lynx styles from season 7 (chapter 1) but omg i miss those days

  • Dammmmmmmmm
    Dammmmmmmmm2 aylar önce

    You know what would be amazing executions like a specific skin has their own executions I would absolutely love that and it’s alright if you don’t agree it’s just my opinion like if you agree with me 😁🙂😊

  • Reku 51
    Reku 512 aylar önce

    We had been through a lot, now it’s time for chapter 3

  • NSC-Blade


    2 aylar önce

    @Mr X13 what u play on bc if it’s PS4 we can play if ur down *ps I subbed bc you seem cool*

  • Ana Hosler

    Ana Hosler

    2 aylar önce

    Yeah but I wish it stayed best chapter ever

  • Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy

    2 aylar önce

    @Lorenzo Locatelli lt's called the end, this can only end well

  • Monokane


    2 aylar önce

    @SweatMatt since 100 actually now he has 23K

  • Reku 51

    Reku 51

    2 aylar önce

    @Lorenzo Locatelli I know it’s called the end

  • Ned Leeds
    Ned Leeds2 aylar önce

    People in Chapter 1: We want a new map! People in Chapter 2: We want the old map back! People in Chapter 3: We want the Chapter 2 map back!

  • Venom snake
    Venom snake2 aylar önce

    I first started playing the game in chapter 1 s2 and didn’t like it that much because after a while people got really good and I didn’t because I usually play single player games so I didn’t play it that much and because of this I didn’t like it and got to the point were I basically hated the game but my friend who was like me but played more redownloaded the game and told me to download and so far it’s been pretty good

  • Dryzzen Crystalyzers
    Dryzzen Crystalyzers2 aylar önce

    T5G Thanks for this video! I saw someone make a chapter 1 storyline and I’ve been waiting months for this video

  • SpaceFoxie
    SpaceFoxieAylar önce

    Its all been planned, this point at the start. They were very patient waiting to open the redacted bunker.

  • The Spooder Homie
    The Spooder Homie2 aylar önce

    It's crazy how chapter 2 is coming to a end still remember when the chapter came out..👍

  • RxzorbladeYoutube
    RxzorbladeYoutubeAylar önce

    I regret not playing a lot for chapter 5 and 6 because it was “boring”. To this day I still regret not grinding for the full mando armour

  • CE Squid
    CE Squid2 aylar önce

    I think the reason I was really disappointed with season 5 was because I started playing in chapter 2 season 4 so was used to awesome stuff every week

  • Firenzeoar
    Firenzeoar2 aylar önce

    you forget to mention how season 5 introduced gold, that was a huge factor to the game :)

  • ZeGamerWolf
    ZeGamerWolf2 aylar önce

    Wonder what could of happened if we picked ghost where we picked shadow and the other way around. Wonder if it could of changed anything to this day

  • Cubexp 2.0
    Cubexp 2.02 aylar önce

    I’m sad that this chapters going to end my favourite season was 5 cause of the crossovers and the cinematic of the the season.

  • Jay ジェイもやった
    Jay ジェイもやった2 aylar önce

    welp, guys guess it’s over. make ur memories before it goes cause we’re starting a new day. One part I liked of this season was most definitely chapter 2 and 3, the vibe of covid lockdown days when u would wake up and get on.

  • Corpret
    Corpret2 aylar önce

    The End feels like it's already here. 🥺

  • Team Gamers
    Team Gamers2 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 has been my favorite, from Season 3 - Season 8. Man, so many memories to this day.

  • GRN_DvD
    GRN_DvD2 aylar önce

    T5G is the best yt ever. Thanks for keeping us updated on leaks

  • Zel Veraan

    Zel Veraan

    2 aylar önce

    My main news source.

  • WAL DrixzyFN

    WAL DrixzyFN

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 490 I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..

  • FullSendVoltage


    2 aylar önce


  • EAS Alarm Youtuber

    EAS Alarm Youtuber

    2 aylar önce

    @Mr X13 NO

  • Mr X13

    Mr X13

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 30k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams

  • saso yan
    saso yanAylar önce

    Let’s watch this in 2 years and see how much the game has changed

  • lzypan
    lzypan2 aylar önce

    theory: so on the pyramid it looks like a x marks the spot on the map and x marks the spot was in chapter 1 season 8 im not sure what that could mean but it could be important

  • Venuixs
    VenuixsAylar önce

    Wish we could've seen the other version of The Shark. Shadow : Shark Ghost : Grotto Ghost : The Rig

  • Siddhant Pochalwar
    Siddhant Pochalwar2 aylar önce

    I LOVE Fortnite's storyline, but i still quit in chapter 2 season 7 because of the actual gameplay. Really is sad epic couldn't balance the gameplay with the storyline :(

  • aquatic_kepper
    aquatic_kepper2 aylar önce

    Idk why but chapter 2 season 1 gives me some nostalgia that is unmatched by anything else

  • mustangs
    mustangs2 aylar önce

    I hope every star wars cosmetics will come back with all the mythic items . They could make a star wars LTM with every star wars mythic and some new ones

  • Leah Hodge
    Leah HodgeAylar önce

    Season two : earth, because most of the a thousand bosses were on land. Season three: water, the map was flooded. Season four: fire, fireflies. Season five: air, mando’s jet pack The seaments

  • Andrew and Daniel loves Pokémon
    Andrew and Daniel loves Pokémon2 aylar önce

    6:32 that's ironic cause him recruiting hunters made the zero point more unstable

  • Dgamin
    Dgamin2 aylar önce

    Its a good day when t5g uploads ! Keep up the good work

  • WAL DrixzyFN

    WAL DrixzyFN

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 490 I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..

  • The Suspicious Spider

    The Suspicious Spider

    2 aylar önce

    my day was well until you appeared



    2 aylar önce

    @Jake Gray bruh

  • ToMa10 Missimo -  Gaming ꪜ

    ToMa10 Missimo - Gaming ꪜ

    2 aylar önce

    : )

  • EAS Alarm Youtuber

    EAS Alarm Youtuber

    2 aylar önce

    @Jake Gray *Your

  • XtremeGaming
    XtremeGaming2 aylar önce

    Something T5G should’ve said was that Recon Expert Came Back in Chapter 2 Season 2 after 2-3 years.

  • Nat
    Nat2 aylar önce

    I can’t be the only one who wants to play ch2 s2 again. It was so good

  • Happy Secret
    Happy Secret2 aylar önce

    4:44 Rapid fire smgs actually originated in c2 s2 as loot shadow henchmen used and players could use if the hench,an was killed

  • Official Buzzer
    Official BuzzerAylar önce

    No cap, I will never forget this chapter. It was litt😁

  • Paul Clayton
    Paul Clayton2 aylar önce

    Chapter 2 season 2, Chapter 2 season 3, and Chapter 2 season 4 were godly season 5 was pretty good

  • Svldochir Ts
    Svldochir Ts2 aylar önce

    I didn't play chapter 1 but i started from chapter 2 i'm kinda sad that this map will be gone and kind of excited for the new map

  • n1tr0us
    n1tr0us2 aylar önce

    I wished I could go back to season 1, I overlooked it and didn't play much because I was mad they got rid of the chapter 1 map

  • Nicholas DJV
    Nicholas DJV2 aylar önce

    I hope we get two more seasons. I have only been on this island for 3.5 seasons(joined halfway through S4), I don’t want to leave yet!!!

  • GrantedSnake
    GrantedSnake2 aylar önce

    The feeling of seeing the new map was a good feeling

  • WAL DrixzyFN

    WAL DrixzyFN

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 490 I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams..

  • Coopdog 0108

    Coopdog 0108

    2 aylar önce

    @Kyloz yes

  • Kyloz


    2 aylar önce

    @Mr X13 nobody asked

  • Mr X13

    Mr X13

    2 aylar önce

    To the person reading this comment You are awesome & hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 30k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams .

  • Ryan .S

    Ryan .S

    2 aylar önce

    And we’re going to be feeling that feeling again very soon🤩

  • Poll Mu
    Poll Mu2 aylar önce

    So I just thought about something and the more I think about it, the more I think it is true. So the mothership came to the island like Independence Day, so would that mean that there were other motherships all over the island

  • Advik Playz 2.0
    Advik Playz 2.02 aylar önce

    I know i sound stupid but I honestly loved chapter 2 It had good graphics,soo many collabs and the best events

  • ☆stitch •  edits ☆

    ☆stitch • edits ☆

    2 aylar önce


  • Deti the Yeti
    Deti the Yeti2 aylar önce

    I can’t decide whether I like season 2 or season 7 more cause i love those two seasons

  • 🚨​W​A​​T​C​H M​Y LA​​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
    🚨​W​A​​T​C​H M​Y LA​​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨2 aylar önce

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