Shark Tank US | Sharks Are Shocked at 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur's Negotiating Skills

Young entrepreneur Sofi Overton is seeking an investment of $30k for a 15% stake in her company of Wise Procket Products.

From Season 11 Episode 12

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About Shark Tank: The Sharks - tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons - continue their search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer. The Sharks will once again give people from all walks of life the chance to chase the American dream and potentially secure business deals that could make them millionaires.

Shark Tank US | Sharks Are Shocked at 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur's Negotiating Skills


  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo3 aylar önce

    I mean God bless this little girl. She put herself into a lions den because she believed in herself. Nothing but respect.

  • Brown Yoda

    Brown Yoda

    6 gün önce

    I'm very disappointed that you used lion's den instead of I dunno "Shark Tank"

  • Edward Fitzgerald

    Edward Fitzgerald

    7 gün önce

    *a shark tank

  • Robert Heinrich von Seyfenstern

    Robert Heinrich von Seyfenstern

    7 gün önce

    why the old man with a white beard on a cloud? Nonsense

  • Random China

    Random China

    8 gün önce

  • Sakata Gintoki

    Sakata Gintoki

    16 gün önce

    99% He father made the script of everything that happened in the video, ah and also paid for her dancers

  • TBH
    TBH27 gün önce

    She's waaaay more confident and knowledgable about business and negotiating at her age than I am as an older adult lol. Wow. So impressed.

  • larkholland


    4 gün önce

    her parents clearly coached her beforehand. she still did a good job, just saying.

  • Khat Dragon

    Khat Dragon

    5 gün önce

    @1 1 "bright"? As in ...."hyper-intuitive"? Thats only because,(145% personal opinion worth only what you flush a few hours after dinner😑- hey my way of logic is "readily observable reality" oriented 😁) she's young, high pitched, and spewing a train of intellect most of us are unfamiliar with. It is obvious shes being taught/mentored, onvious that she's spewing a readily made pitch, emulating the sharks in some ways too. Id put the description "charismatic" in place of "bright" because bright is a bit of an understatement to me. What i admire in her is her ability to execute what her mentor has taught her. She sounds identical to a Gretta Thornburg to me in that I hear the wisdom of an older mind using her tongue to speak. Still though, she is taking strides 90% of kids her age haven't learned.

  • 1 1

    1 1

    5 gün önce

    @Khat Dragon Probably. But she also seem naturally bright

  • Khat Dragon

    Khat Dragon

    5 gün önce

    Who's your mentor? Pretty sure there's someone teaching her.

  • 1 1

    1 1

    16 gün önce

    I wonder if she's just a genius or had parents teach her or both

  • Chris Live!
    Chris Live!2 aylar önce

    At 13, it was a very very well presented promotional. The dancing was solid, she introduced herself fully, explained the need for her product, the demographic, and even the design, patent pending(!?), and of course numbers. She was polite, firm, and thanked them at the end, including her "dancing crew". Very solid pitch!

  • Sebastian Thorsen

    Sebastian Thorsen

    13 gün önce

    Much more well put together than a lot of adults

  • Cheapassgamer


    20 gün önce

    attention grabber for sure

  • Mabel Elmore
    Mabel Elmore2 aylar önce

    her: at 13 already has her life put together, and having her own business me: still pulls the door open when it says push

  • Sirapat Samransamruajkit

    Sirapat Samransamruajkit

    5 gün önce


  • Bruce Darilay

    Bruce Darilay

    6 gün önce


  • Victoria Pullum Scott

    Victoria Pullum Scott

    6 gün önce

    @Gary Oak Wait. What?! Uuuuhh that’s called business. Who starts from the bottom investing, creating and selling a product that they themselves don’t like? 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Victoria Pullum Scott

    Victoria Pullum Scott

    6 gün önce


  • A.G


    6 gün önce

    me as a security guard in the lobby of a building: watching people like you doing it (true story XD)

  • Nancy Gleason
    Nancy Gleason2 aylar önce

    As an 80 year old grandmother of a young entrepreneur, this segment of Shark Tank brought me to tears. A fabulous young American.

  • dougy.


    6 gün önce

    @Mi Sm agreed, well spoken mi sm.

  • Pierce Da Germs

    Pierce Da Germs

    9 gün önce

    Love you grandma

  • Adeethi I

    Adeethi I

    11 gün önce

    @Alexander Grande very good 🤢

  • Mi Sm

    Mi Sm

    19 gün önce

    @dougy. Lol. Thank you, us grandparents have to stick together. People don't understand how tough it is for us.

  • Vaisakh Snath

    Vaisakh Snath

    19 gün önce

    Your 80 wow. I don't think I would live long as 80 years old. I think you got really good genetic

  • Basketball Discussion
    Basketball Discussion21 gün önce

    "I only make 100 socks a month" Kevin: "Wow that's horrible" LOL

  • larkholland


    4 gün önce

    Entrepreneur: My business is my entire life. I work 100 hours a week! Kevin: Pfft amateur. Could be 168 hours if you cut out sleep 🤣🤣🤣

  • Linda Vallot
    Linda Vallot28 gün önce

    Wow, she is braver than most adults to go in there...and even though she was nervous, she was still confident in herself and her product 💕

  • Aaaa


    4 gün önce

    @Tony Tony wow🤣🤣

  • Tony Tony

    Tony Tony

    18 gün önce

    it is all CGI. There is no sophie.

  • oinkpiggin


    27 gün önce

    Just so you know, the show is not live and it is being re-taken many times. It is not really that smoothly as you see in the air. The contestant got never and fumble all the time. Nonetheless, it is still super impressive for anyone to be on the show.

  • Doctor Goop
    Doctor Goop22 gün önce

    I can’t even imagine what this girl will be doing in 10 years but I’m sure it will be amazing because she is amazing. Counter offer to wealthy Sharks takes guts and grit and she has both.

  • Just Some guy

    Just Some guy

    20 gün önce

    Prob deforestation

    FRISHR24 gün önce

    She's been watching Shark Tank since she was 6 years old, knowing the tips and tricks to pull off a successful business idea and deal, what a clever girl!

  • Diego R.
    Diego R.3 aylar önce

    Welp. She just saved 4 years of high school. 4 years of college, and endless tuition. What a beast

  • Berserker 777

    Berserker 777

    6 gün önce

    She will still do all of that

  • Haaa Jerry

    Haaa Jerry

    8 gün önce

    She was the master mind. Whoever supported her success should be proud. I give her 100% kudos for finding her way to the Shark Tank.

  • Alex Crowder

    Alex Crowder

    13 gün önce

    @Mike MacGyver 13 an adult? Are you some kind of weirdo? I don't think that's gonna fly in court....

  • Alex Crowder

    Alex Crowder

    14 gün önce

    @Attia Mustafa Dude reading in 8th grade is normal in every country on earth.... That's literally exactly what i just said. Maybe if you read more carefully you'd have known that.

  • Suke v

    Suke v

    17 gün önce

    @Melody Garrison A 13 year old would not put this much effort into and have to guts to put a counteroffer if she wasn't truly passionate about this

  • Patti
    Patti2 aylar önce

    I’m really impressed with this young woman at 13 I can’t wait to see what Sophie does in her teens and 20’s Best of Luck to her and her sock company! Such talent to be so young!

  • Jaden J.
    Jaden J.18 gün önce

    A 13 year old kid who has a great product, pretty good nego skills that no other 13 year old would have, and had the massive bravery to go up to the Sharks. Shes definitely gonna make it big

    ROBIN SINANAN21 gün önce

    I am so proud of this young lady. She definitely has spunk & I was hoping that Damon & Lori to step in. I even cried when they accepted her counter offer. Blessings Sophie

  • MrReed314
    MrReed3142 aylar önce

    I can't think of a time when a youngster like her or even younger left without a deal..I think that they have an agreement to support young budding entrepreneurs..Which is really cool..Because success or failure it is a learning experience for them..Notice how Mark passed, but they all know Daymond and his socks, so Mark passed the ball to Draymond who is one of the best to make at pitch at because of his history of backing first-timers of any age..Loring also supports young women no matter how crazy the product might be..

  • MrReed314


    8 gün önce

    @쌍둥이 자리 I've seen Barbara, as she put it, "Take a Flyer" with a lady who bakes cakes for $25,000 when all the others passed..And all Barbara asked for was 1.00 for every cake sold until the amt was paid off..No interest or anything..And they didn't all go in to help the family of the 911 fireman with the chopping board with personal profit as their goal..Instead, all their profits went to charity to help sponsor the families of the 911 firemen who died..If you think that profit is more important than assistance in the possibility of someone bettering their life, well, that's your choice..

  • 쌍둥이 자리

    쌍둥이 자리

    8 gün önce

    @MrReed314it’s a business and works the same as a bank. Go borrow money from the bank and tell them it’s chump change it doesn’t matter if they lose it. No lender will lend to you or take your seriously because nobody wants to lose money no matter how much they have. Just because they’re billionaires doesn’t mean they’re going to take time out of their day to go work for you for free and lend you money without a good ROI. Don’t be silly.

  • MrReed314


    9 gün önce

    @쌍둥이 자리 Umm...They are making less of an investment for profit, they're investing in something else entirely..They are all Billionaires or close to it..To say that is "chump change" to them is laughable..1/2 an hour, or probably less, of interest on their other investments covers most anything..

  • 쌍둥이 자리

    쌍둥이 자리

    9 gün önce

    While this may be true you need to keep in mind they are putting their money into this and I have no doubt that if they didn’t believe in the product they probably wouldn’t make an offer.

  • hlw


    2 aylar önce

    I agree, it's also great PR for all the ST guys to be seen investing in youth. Not only that, but she's clearly incredibly talented. They now have that talent on their books. For such a small amount of $, it has huge upside.

  • Kirsten A
    Kirsten A3 aylar önce

    This girl won’t stop until she gets to the top. There’s no way she’ll fail because the foundation has already been built.

  • the mysterious

    the mysterious

    2 gün önce

    @Greatest Ever I'm not talking shit about her I'm just stating what she's gonna do in future

  • Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

    2 gün önce

    @the mysterious literally only 33 people. & that still doesn’t make you right. It’s a little kid, c’mon now

  • the mysterious

    the mysterious

    5 gün önce

    @Greatest Ever it's not about what I said its the fact that everybody here agrees with me should get you thinking

  • Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

    5 gün önce

    @BackwardsHatTV Pranks you seriously think Britney shaved her head due to being over emotional?! I’m not a Britney fan & even I’m not that ignorant & incompetent. All the things that were happening in her life, anyone would have a mental breakdown, even you.

  • Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

    5 gün önce

    @the mysterious why would you say something like that.

  • Sandra Johnson
    Sandra JohnsonAylar önce

    Impressive! Sophie has alot of confidence for her age. She went in to the Shark Tank & came out alive & going for the gold!! Way to go, Sophie!!

  • Linda
    Linda24 gün önce

    Sophie: “ a kid with social anxiety going in to a room to talk to billionaires and millionaires 🥵” Also Sophie: Shakes hands, enters the room and blows up the roof, comes out with a deal, just twisted the numbers to preempt a no deal. 🤯

  • Linnette Capella
    Linnette CapellaAylar önce

    13! This young lady is definitely going places. So impressed by her maturity, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Sandra O
    Sandra OAylar önce

    This gives me chills. I can only hope my daughter is this brave and entrepreneurial!

  • Aradani, Sharif Nurrafi U.

    Aradani, Sharif Nurrafi U.

    22 saatler önce

    Every kid are unique sometimes you just gotta allow them to explore and help them excel in their own way

  • Mystic Moon

    Mystic Moon

    24 gün önce

    @sori619 Word!

  • sori619


    26 gün önce

    i hope your daughter is loved and valued by her parents no matter how brave or entrepreuneurial she is!

  • TheMrmoc7
    TheMrmoc73 aylar önce

    You can tell Mark cuban had a proud, almost "father-like' moment when she came up with that counter offer. It was like, Hell yeah!!

  • nuthun


    2 gün önce

    Cursing is a sin

  • John cena

    John cena

    4 gün önce

    He was like hell no

  • Gods Girl

    Gods Girl

    11 gün önce

    I think I've seen these at the store already

  • raj kamal rana

    raj kamal rana

    17 gün önce


  • Alpha Scorpii

    Alpha Scorpii

    23 gün önce

    @KacangKacangan it’s would be pretty useful for street ball

  • marsha green
    marsha green2 aylar önce

    What an amazing and smart young lady. I wish more young people act like her and so wise.

  • Lede Pat

    Lede Pat

    5 gün önce

    @Chloe Kim yes with my parents help

  • Chloe Kim

    Chloe Kim

    5 gün önce

    Did u act like that when u were young?

  • Lede Pat

    Lede Pat

    20 gün önce

    Clearly she has parents that's helping, lets not forget about those that support her

  • CAK's Dad !
    CAK's Dad !Aylar önce

    THAT ... was awesome! I hope she makes millions and speaks at my kids' high school! Sophie, thank you for what you have created but, more importantly, for your strong speech when it mattered to adults. You are an inspiration. Congratulations (obviously!) and the best of luck! Sean

  • Rodolfo Suarez
    Rodolfo Suarez2 aylar önce

    Wish I had this kind of entrepreneur spirit even now. Some ppl just have it and it’s so great to see them realize their potential

  • Robert Newberry
    Robert Newberry9 gün önce

    Young lady is incredible. Love the combination of boldness and humility. Articulate, bright, good critical thinking skills. The Demo rocked. Well... Absolutely adorable. Her parents must be great people and she did them proud. Congratulations!!! P.S. To the Sharks. Thank you. She was deserving.

  • Mamba Nation310
    Mamba Nation3108 gün önce

    Good for her! To have such knowledge and confidence at such a young age. She’s gonna conquer the business world

  • Leticia Silva
    Leticia Silva2 aylar önce

    The fact that she's humble , kind and an amazing beginner entrepreneur makes me like this girl even more. And i havent even seen her in my life!

  • Miltonius
    Miltonius29 gün önce

    As a former us arm paratrooper we harped on integrity and to be honest the lessons that little girl learned in that room and the integrity at which these MILLION/BILLION dollar people are treating her with is humbling to say the least. Hope she makes it and I expect a whole ass jumpsuit with pockets everywhere when this is all said and done

  • GregFDIY
    GregFDIYAylar önce

    Many come to the Tank, too emotionally tied to their business. She's smart; she gave up more of a stake, however, she has seasoned vets on her team that already have market access and expertise. She is not a business owner...she is an entrepreneur! Well done!

  • PS: Trying to be clever
    PS: Trying to be clever3 aylar önce

    The fact that they took the deal without making a counter to her counter, shows the Sharks have a heart too.

  • Bob Robertson

    Bob Robertson

    5 gün önce

    It was also a great counter usually adults go too low and then they meet in the middle with the sharks her deal was straight in the middle

  • choco7915


    9 gün önce

    How? U don’t understand that part

  • Ahmed Mansour

    Ahmed Mansour

    22 gün önce

    Lol they ripped her off so hard

  • Mary Reyes

    Mary Reyes

    25 gün önce

    Yes but I mean.. it’s only 35k 🙃

  • way2ez


    27 gün önce

    cos they are still rippin her off..

  • Blueick
    Blueick2 aylar önce

    The 2 sharks were super generous. It made me happy that they accepted her counter offer

  • Sage Henry
    Sage Henry2 aylar önce

    Mark is such a great person. Always complementing the young kids.

  • andywhitney hudson
    andywhitney hudsonAylar önce

    Awe! You go girl! I wanted to cry because I was so proud of her. What a bright young lady 🤗

  • wanderingwithyan
    wanderingwithyanAylar önce

    This was so awesome to watch and so excited to see all the amazing things she does as she continues on her journey! Lots of love from Australia!

  • EquiTec Engineering & Technology
    EquiTec Engineering & Technology2 aylar önce

    I am proud of this girl. She will be at the peak of business someday and a person to reckon with in business circles of the world. Secondly, though it is known to many, I am telling her to extend this idea in to undergarments too. That should fetch her even more success with beach goers, persons who wants safe pockets, unapproachable to others...etc. My best wishes to you girl.

  • Jessica Hawks
    Jessica HawksAylar önce

    Im very glad when I see how encouraging the sharks were..i think in life i would or could of gone further in life with any encouragement at all...i dont think the world realizes how little encouragement or no encouragement at all some of us in the world get to push ourselves or follow our dreams..i pray she goes as far as her mind can take her...

  • Aryanna Miner
    Aryanna Miner9 gün önce

    This has me in tears. I love people like her. She makes me proud of humans!

  • Aakkeemm876
    Aakkeemm876Aylar önce

    She'll be on her way, she just needs good guidance from trust worthy people with loving hearts, congrats

  • Angelica Trino
    Angelica TrinoAylar önce

    Wow. She solved her problem by creating that sock, created a product, found a supplier, improve it, found a funding, market and sell it. Then logistic became a problem so she needed capital. Made an interesting sales pitch, negotiated and got a deal and fresh capital all while being a high school student. She has what is takes the be an entrepreuner.

  • Suplyndmnd


    9 gün önce

    UPCOMING High School student. This was probably in the break between Middle and High School. This is super impressive.

  • Drive On
    Drive OnAylar önce

    This made me smile. Especially knowing she has folks that’s knowledgeable about the clothing business by her side

  • Dan Daniels
    Dan Daniels25 gün önce

    What an amazing kid, I shed a tear with pride and respect for her confidence and self belief. I hope she has life long success. 🙏

  • Isabella Maree
    Isabella MareeAylar önce

    Why am I crying omg. Good luck young lady. I love how you believe in yourself and your products.

  • M Hurtado
    M Hurtado3 aylar önce

    The parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts who raised this girl just got it 100% right. Impressive, most impressive!!!!

  • Tama


    Aylar önce

    Have faith in JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR for HE SAVES from hell❗️ *What is the Gospel?* The true gospel is the good news that God saves sinners. Man is by nature sinful and separated from God with no hope of remedying that situation. But God, by His power, provided the means of man’s redemption in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of GOD, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. Romans 10:9 9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. JESUS CHRIST can come anytime! Just Believe ❤️ Love you and GOD BLESS

  • Kimecos


    2 aylar önce

    @Kind Planet I don’t doubt she used her own money, I’m used to seeing kids like her already knowing how to obtain it and use it strategically because they had to learn this to survive, not all the kids i met and helped had parents who taught them how to handle money responsibly. If she has parents that are teaching her and guiding her then that’s awesome but not everyone who is her age has that especially if they have the same potential because of who they are around. Unfortunately the ones I’ve met never had that.

  • Kind Planet

    Kind Planet

    2 aylar önce

    @Kimecos She used 5000 of her own money and I know 13 year olds can’t have an actual job Her family is above average but not rich

  • Barbara Carson

    Barbara Carson

    2 aylar önce

    @Kimecos a typo

  • Kimecos


    2 aylar önce

    @Barbara Carson what is that supposed to mean? Typing only 1/4 doesn’t really explain much.

  • D.S.
    D.S.23 gün önce

    This special girl is exactly what the USA needs to return to greatness. Her education studying Shark Tank exceeds many Universities, and here is the proof.

  • Aayushi Sanghvi
    Aayushi Sanghvi2 aylar önce

    I'm just amazed with this young entrepreneur. At a very young age she establish her own company. I am stunned with her negotiating skills and confidence in her business dealings. I wish her success in this business venture. Keep up the good work and good luck. She is just 13. Great job.

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera11 gün önce

    What confidence looks like regardless of anxiety. She is amazing. Great idea

  • E
    E2 aylar önce

    This is great how even the older shark that was out, encouraged her to negotiate. He knew the other two would back down

  • KenzWalla
    KenzWalla3 aylar önce

    She held herself so professionally, during her pitch it was hard to remember was was only 13… she’s definitely going places

  • Suke v

    Suke v

    17 gün önce

    @M P a 13 year old with this much guts and passion is going places like it or not, most of us at 20 years old dont even know what we want to do

  • Abdalla Babikir

    Abdalla Babikir

    23 gün önce

    @M P nah it's true, from a guy with two sibs her age

  • sadie burris

    sadie burris

    Aylar önce


  • Sweet Listenings

    Sweet Listenings

    2 aylar önce


  • M P

    M P

    3 aylar önce

    Lol 😆 chill..

  • TC
    TC2 aylar önce

    This amazing young lady will be going places! Great job indeed!

  • WickedXWonka
    WickedXWonka2 aylar önce

    That was a MUCH better pitch than any pitch I've EVER seen any ADULT entrepreneur give on this show lol Every other pitch is usually so unnaturally awkward and cringe-worthy but this one as smooth....and it was presented by a CHILD lol

  • E and J Boutique
    E and J BoutiqueAylar önce

    Absolutely awesome! I started hustling when I was 13 and by the time i was 29 I owned an award winning business! This girl is awesome!

  • That Chick Saváge
    That Chick Saváge2 aylar önce

    Yeah she didn't wanna break her heart. So nice of them. Good job!💜

  • Tammy Deeter
    Tammy Deeter3 aylar önce

    This young lady rocks!!! She has just set herself up for success no matter what she does! I would definitely purchase a pair of these for my daughter. She’s a firefighter 👩‍🚒



    Gün önce

    Man she almost as good as that 9 year old boy with the bow tie

  • Cha Eun-woon

    Cha Eun-woon

    2 aylar önce

    What do you mean lady? You mean kid

  • Kind Planet

    Kind Planet

    2 aylar önce

    I’ll be honest Not hating at all at the product but I do play a sport which is Volleyball and also In Highschool I would never put a phone or anything on me that would be meaning to me while playing volleyball I wouldn’t think “Hey I should put my phone in my sock” Seeing how the product works some people wouldn’t be comfortable putting something in your sock that would mean something to them

  • Dave


    3 aylar önce

    @Ziek Their parents! Apple doesn't fall too far the tree! It also helps if you don't watch too much TV

  • 3 iiis we're watching

    3 iiis we're watching

    3 aylar önce

    It's a useless invention though

  • G T
    G TAylar önce

    She is an incredible person and @only 13 👀 Almost too good to be true! Her entrepreneur skills are high! And then her confidence is through the roof! Well done🙋🏻‍♀️👏👏👏👏👏

  • Leto Idaho
    Leto Idaho2 aylar önce

    This young lady brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  • Alejandro Uzcategui
    Alejandro Uzcategui2 aylar önce

    This young lady is awesome! Job well done for everyone involved in her upbringing, damn that takes guts

  • Lorraine Hicks
    Lorraine Hicks22 gün önce

    What a great wonderful, amazing young woman. Sophie you can do anything you set your mind to. Good luck 💜

  • A Comment
    A Comment3 aylar önce

    I just cried, I’m so proud of Sophie and I don’t even know her!! She did an excellent job!

  • Emma Madison

    Emma Madison

    20 gün önce

    Damn you cried Wow

  • Indiana  Woman

    Indiana Woman

    21 gün önce

    Get out of the house

  • Laura Rea

    Laura Rea

    Aylar önce

    Dude me too like 🥺💕

  • Marthe Bishop-McDonald

    Marthe Bishop-McDonald

    2 aylar önce


  • ATLHooligan


    2 aylar önce

    So proud you can't spell her name right

  • Vergil Montiero
    Vergil Montiero8 gün önce

    She's pretty amazing, she's done a great job on every level with this presentation.

  • Ramsilay OC
    Ramsilay OC2 aylar önce

    That was just awesome to watch. Nothing but respect for that young girl. God bless🙏 and much success

  • Meghna
    Meghna10 gün önce

    13 year old omg! The dance and the confidence, the pitch was perfect! And I love how supportive almost everyone was. I guess every show needs a mister wonderful to keep audience interested but I don’t really like how he goes about with the contestants I like how Mark Cuban’s approach, he gives really good insight, gives sensible advice and he’s polite.

  • Jeanette Petersen
    Jeanette PetersenAylar önce

    This young girl is the perfect example of excellent parenting. Good job mom and dad!

  • Maverick Dakota
    Maverick Dakota3 aylar önce

    Get these in amusement parks so people can have somewhere secure to stow their wallet, keys, and phone while on rides.

  • Sheshank sai

    Sheshank sai

    10 gün önce

    @Noble q

  • Hotnedgy


    13 gün önce

    Pant pocket

  • Nia


    15 gün önce

    Thats sooo smart

  • Tamahika Te Pere

    Tamahika Te Pere

    16 gün önce

    @Britt Anne ???Attacking🙄??? Umm ya lost me there🤷

  • Britt Anne

    Britt Anne

    16 gün önce

    @Tamahika Te Pere so it's a Fact it's comfortable?! That's an opinion

  • LighteN Ing
    LighteN Ing2 aylar önce

    Nice, the driving force, the execution, the creative pitching idea and all!

  • Jerry McLellan
    Jerry McLellanAylar önce

    As a native Arkansan, I'm always happy to see other Arkansans succeed. Well played.

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    subscribe if you found me26 gün önce

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  • A


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    Yeah and it’s awesome because it can prevent being pick pocketed! You wear it on your sock, it’s a lot harder for people to expect or even steal.

  • fluffy3049


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    LIVE ENT3 gün önce

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