All of Halo's Preorder Bonuses: Are They Worth It?


In this video, we take a look at everything included in the pre order releases of Halo titles, and judge whether or not the preemptive purchase is worth a gamble on the quality of the resultant experience.



  • Onyx Leviathan
    Onyx LeviathanAylar önce

    A few have pointed out how this video mostly goes over limited versions of the games on release, which is true. However, since a lot of these limited editions were in such low number as to be bought out by release night, I've decided to keep them described as preorder bonuses. As such, I will leave them as described.

  • moist man

    moist man

    13 gün önce

    i preordered infinite and all i got were some dogtags and a bad armor coating

  • iffybadboy


    16 gün önce

    Sad part for me is I got all collection but never really inspected the stuff only open box to get gane and closed it up think I only seen my halo 3 helmet out of case twice

  • dev1LJuce


    Aylar önce

    @Onyx Leviathan best comment ever

  • LennonLife


    Aylar önce

    Yup I don’t post phone numbers on

  • LennonLife


    Aylar önce

    @Godzilla Cheeze love it

  • Danger Tickle
    Danger TickleAylar önce

    I had been working all summer to earn up to a 360, with halo 3 as my ultimate goal. Then the day came and I called ahead to the GAME store, asking if they had everything in and asked my mom to give me a ride. But it had been a mistake in their store lists and they didn't have any standard editions in of halo. Clerk took pity on me and went "well we do have a legendary edition we just aren't getting sold... how about we write it off as a standard ed?" So I got legendary edition for half price roughly, still have in proudly in my shelf.

  • Happy Holograms

    Happy Holograms

    21 gün önce

    Damn, I’m guessing it wasn’t at a game stop lol

  • Melekh


    Aylar önce

    That’s so awesome man

  • Jake


    Aylar önce

    Sounds like the Clerk was a true Spartan!

  • J


    Aylar önce

    That’s awesome man. I remember one time I went to a midnight release of one of the ghost recon games and I was pretty much the only one in line. The clerk must have thought it was cool because he gave me one of those massive 6 foot promotional posters.

  • KalebPi


    Aylar önce

    nice! I sold all my gamecube and PS2 stuff at gamestop to get it XD I have gotten back most of the ps2 stuff recently. bu it was not worth selling. I remember getting 50c for so many games. but when my halo 3 got a grinded ring from the 360. the same Gamestop did just give me a new disk.

  • Nacalal
    Nacalal2 aylar önce

    Man I remember walking home from class one day to see my parents had bought me the collectors edition for halo 2, that was the highlight of the year. I had never seen a game come in a metal case before, stick sticks with me how cool it was at the time. I also remember having the legendary edition for reach, it was the coolest thing opening it and finding all those bits of lore and stuff.

  • Let's Go Brandon!

    Let's Go Brandon!

    26 gün önce

    @Corey Dalton man I know we just used nerf guns and sticks lol

  • Juan Pablo

    Juan Pablo

    Aylar önce

    Did you say there were sticks? Were there two of them? Did it come with a rock?

  • Ironic Bobcat

    Ironic Bobcat

    Aylar önce

    You guys had the childhood I dreamed of

  • Corey Dalton

    Corey Dalton

    Aylar önce

    @hm yea I remember being a kid and feeling like the world was so real. Having the diary of Halsey with the blood on the last page and stuff. We used it as a prop in our games outside. Too bad it was harder to come buy Halo guns and helmets for kids than it is today. I have a few energy swords and a needler I got from Walmart. I like that Halo has lived so long. The way things are going with infinite is good. A lot of negative stuff about progression and microtransactions, but thats how you know a game is good. when the problems we have are so easily fixed. I am confident in the future of our game friends.

  • hm


    Aylar önce

    The book was the best

  • Deth_Boi
    Deth_Boi3 aylar önce

    I have the Halo 2 limited collectors edition. Got it for around 7 bucks lol. It’s in good shape. This thing isn’t expensive in general, so if you want a collectors edition, this is a good one for its price.

  • Cheerios Are Good

    Cheerios Are Good

    Aylar önce

    @jflamen PS4 All of these will be on ebay for a *sometimes* fair price. The halo 2 one shouldn't be more than $20 I dont think

  • Sean O'Donnell

    Sean O'Donnell

    Aylar önce

    Best case i have to this day

  • Deth_Boi


    Aylar önce

    @Sieff more than just a steel book. It’s also more plastic than metal.

  • Sieff


    Aylar önce

    thats the metal case right I got mine on ebay as well no disc tho

  • pleasestop trackingmeASIO

    pleasestop trackingmeASIO

    Aylar önce

    Everyone has Halo 2 limited edition lmfao, they literally made more limited editions than normal as a marketing tactic

  • Tinkuwu
    TinkuwuAylar önce

    When I was a teenager, my parents were really stingy about me playing mature rated games. They thought video game violence lead to real violence. I would still play Halo CE, 2, and 3 at my friend's house though and I remember the day he called me and told me I should come over as soon as I could, which he revealed that he had gotten Halo 3 the first day it was out. Fun times.

  • Meme Supreme

    Meme Supreme

    20 gün önce

    My parents weren’t like that but one day they snapped when I wanted to buy left 4 dead 2. But I convinced them it’s not that bad it’s just a sorta arcade zombie shooter. They were brainwashed by the GTA news at the time. J blood and gore I said and I still got it

  • slewtboi


    Aylar önce

    w friend

  • Griller's Paradise

    Griller's Paradise

    Aylar önce

    did you guys play with each other too

  • HoneyBadger13


    Aylar önce

    yo i forgot about the h4 discs and all that

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    Aylar önce

    @Cookie oh man I remember that!

  • then what
    then what2 aylar önce

    the only one i had was reach's pre order, that was AWESOME, i still love looking at that thing, the journal it came with is such a good read if you're into the lore. wow i never saw halo 4s i want that really bad i loved halo regardless of the changes

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    2 aylar önce

    Yeah! It’s really neat. Lots of cool notes from Halsey on the Spartan project

  • MetalVII
    MetalVII4 aylar önce

    I’m getting Infinite bundled in with my Series X when the pre orders ship, I’m still looking out for a legendary edition of the game though.

  • MetalVII


    Aylar önce

    @CameronZimos the multiplayer is free. The actual game is not.

  • just noah

    just noah

    Aylar önce

    We're you one of the smart boys and waited for black Friday I swear it was worth it two had to go through four groups of little kids trying to buy one for the master chief style in Fortnite 😂 it was so worth getting into 40 fights over a console

  • Ry


    Aylar önce

    Dont think there will be a legendary edition since the multiplayer part of the game is already out

  • David Gaskey

    David Gaskey

    Aylar önce

    @Seb happy thanksgiving glad to hear!🦃🤙

  • Seb


    Aylar önce

    @David Gaskey aweosme man thanks for the heads up. I got 3. one for myself, and the other two for my brothers. Happy thanksgiving

  • Connor Brady
    Connor BradyAylar önce

    Reach's Halsey journal was incredible and Halo Wars Genesis included with the collectors edition was also great. Halseys journal though isn't even like just good , it's necessary.

  • Falkrim
    Falkrim4 aylar önce

    This video is awesome, you’re really underrated! The videos are well spoken, you don’t seem nervous, I believe you’ll get the sub count you deserve eventually Wait did the poster of chief and the arbiter only come with a preorder? Cause I own it myself

  • Falkrim


    4 aylar önce

    @Onyx Leviathan Ah okay, I was just confused as I was a little late to the Xbox 360, buying one in 2012 after moving over from portable consoles and the Wii (I also had a PS1 which I hope still works) because I seen the advertisements for Halo 4. anyway a family friend gave me a BUNCH of games (at least 30) one of them being Halo 3. It’s not entirely relevant but when I went to pick up a copy of Halo 4 at launch I managed to cop a metal model of a Halo 3 Hornet for like £25 and it’s still on my shelf to day.

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    4 aylar önce

    Thank you! The poster came with all copies (I assume you mean the Halo 3 one).

  • mr. wonderful
    mr. wonderfulAylar önce

    The only thing I regret is not being old enough to have understood the value of pre-ordering the limited/legendary editions for Halo back then. Then again I was only a few years old when Halo: CE and Halo 2 came out. I didn’t actually start pre-ordering until Halo Reach.

  • Cheif
    CheifAylar önce

    I remember in middle school there was a halo encyclopedia book in the library, everyone always fought over trying to take it out cause it was never so difficult to find it available lol

  • Clone895
    Clone895Aylar önce

    Reach also had another pre-order bonus that not many know about. There was a chest plate (albeit an unremarkable one) that was a GameStop pre-order exclusive (UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V (B) Armor).

  • Clone895


    Aylar önce

    @Eddy Rodriguez It is lol... It's on the MCC now. Just wanted to point it out since most people seem to have forgotten about it

  • Eddy Rodriguez

    Eddy Rodriguez

    Aylar önce

    i remember it being ugly

  • ThaRealChef


    Aylar önce

    I remember that, lol

  • TheDragonfriday


    Aylar önce

    Odd I did preorder at GameStop but just got recon...

  • Corey Mckee
    Corey MckeeAylar önce

    Halo reaches collectors edition is handsdown the best and coolest one there. Its the only one I have. I literally got it for 10$ from a local pawnshop near me who just wanted to get rid of it. (Unfortunately minus the statue of Noble team..) Not knowing just how special and cool it was, I got it. And now its the coolest halo merch I have. Nothing beats a replica of Halseys journal. Plus all those files etc are just the cherry on top.👌👌 I also got my hands on the steelbook for Infinite at my local Bestbuy in Canada.🤩

  • Spacejockey
    SpacejockeyAylar önce

    I bought the Heroic Edition of Halo: Reach from Amazon a number of years after it's release. There was an issue with the packaging at delivery, so I complained and was given a discount, which dropped the total price I paid to slightly less than $20! This originally retailed for $80, and it stands as the best deal I have ever gotten as far as video games go - the contents of the ONI module were definitely worth the $80, and the games was great to boot! I got the Halo 5 Guardian Metal Earth kit from eBay, and I am still in the process of building it (I've built over 20 of their kits, including Master Chief's helmet, the Warthog, and Pelican Dropship [half complete]). Great review, very comprehensive!

  • Lego Seller
    Lego SellerAylar önce

    I still have my Halo Wars collectors edition. I loved reading the manual with the guide to all the units and buildings, and I wished I had the money to afford the Reach Legendary edition for that incredible statue. EDIT: I forgot about the coaster! Thanks for reminding me, as I now love tea and I love unique coasters! EDIT 2: Very well-composed and concise video, your passion is evident.

  • Vashkey
    VashkeyAylar önce

    You don't really seem to just be going over preorder bonuses but limited editions too and ODST had a special edition that came packaged with a ODST themed controller

  • ace7926
    ace7926Aylar önce

    I remember getting the halo reach legendary edition and picking up the crate it all came, it’s probably one of my favorite high school gaming memories, I love the halo franchise and am so excited it’s coming back 🥲

  • Bigger Problem
    Bigger ProblemAylar önce

    When I was 12 I wanted the recon helmet pre-order bonus but didn't actually pre order it, and asked the game stop employee if I could get it (almost 8 months after release) we went to the back and took a recon code AND a flaming helmet code from a legendary edition and gave it to me for free, that guy made my childhood amazing and I never took off those flames and that recon helmet, to this day I still have them on

  • PlayerPlus591
    PlayerPlus5917 aylar önce

    I hope the legendary/collectors edition of Halo Infinite will include a full-game download code. Or at least an option, physical disc or code. Not because I don’t like physical discs. In fact, I love them. I just don’t own an Xbox Series X. Only the Series S because my TV doesn’t support like 120hz or 4K. And I’m still young 😅

  • Sir BigWater

    Sir BigWater

    Aylar önce

    Which is exactly why when I upgraded from the One X to series X two weeks ago I knew I was gonna be playing Xbox more again than my PS5. So I upgraded to Gamepass Ultimate. Been probably 8 years since I've played this much Xbox. So I'll be playing Infinite campaign early, then I'll pick up my steelbook of the physical on launch day. Gonna be great

  • Crusanosicus


    2 aylar önce

    @Qaudius tf the series s is so good for the price



    2 aylar önce

    @Qaudius bro what, it’s still good yk

  • Qaudius


    4 aylar önce

    wtf u talking u are too young on xbox series x i mean dude why the hell some one will fuckin buy s i mean when i fucing thinking about it it is such a pain don't have the full console but some alpha version u just could save few months like 200 buks and have the true next gen console and when then will be released some pro version of the next gen S will be shit

  • Blaze Modz
    Blaze ModzAylar önce

    I'll never forget how excited I would be, waiting for my brothers to come home from Midnight Releases with their most expensive copy of the latest Halo haha! Sadly a lot of the stuff is missing, but I've tried to look around our house, and kept as much of the stuff from the preorder, and special editions as I could ^^

  • gamerike777
    gamerike77718 gün önce

    I’ve got the legendary versions of Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 (totally forgot about Halo 4’s preorder bonus). Not sure if all of them were worth it in the long run, but I found your walkthrough of all the bonuses quite enjoyable!

  • Devin McMaster
    Devin McMasterAylar önce

    I remember getting the steel book version on Halo 3. I was super excited waiting for it to come in the mail when I read online that the steel book had a problem. It didn't hold the cds well and they fell out occasionally. This would sometimes scratch the disc so bad they couldn't be played. When mine came the disc had fallen out! Luckily it wasn't scratched. Whew!!

  • Deathbrewer
    DeathbrewerAylar önce

    I still have my Chief helmet from pre-ordering the legendary edition of Halo 3, and I also have the limited edition steelbook of Halo 2. I remember wanting to put the helmet on, but being disappointed it only had a small cutout to put it over your game cases on this stand it came with, not meant to actually be worn, lol.

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    Aylar önce

    I think a lot of us felt that way, yeah. Still a cool little piece!

  • That Gibus SAS guy
    That Gibus SAS guyAylar önce

    These are the type of rewards that I like when you pre order a game I wish game companies do something the same like this today

  • Max Nelson
    Max NelsonAylar önce

    I got the Legendary edition of Halo 3 and the Limited edition of Reach, it was all I could afford at the time when Reach was getting released but both were certainly a worthy purchase. Limited edition of Halo Wars was nice too, I completely forgot about the coaster since I had been in need of a new drink coaster lately.

  • Sunborn Arizonan
    Sunborn Arizonan2 aylar önce

    We got to keep midnight releases alive guys. Seriously nothing is more fun than bullshiting around with people anxiously waiting for the doors to open at midnight and get the new game. I went to Halo 3 and Reach midnight releases and there was something about being up late, no school that day and getting home at 1 am to slap the new disk into your Xbox 360 and play the campaign then multiplayer till sun came up and all day. It was glorious.

  • Get To It
    Get To ItAylar önce

    Thank you everyone for sharing your halo memories and experiences I love this series so much, I love reading peoples stories :)

  • Emmett
    EmmettAylar önce

    OH GOD the memories come flowing back to me, and I get a smol tear in my eye. Best one I can remember is when halo 3 dropped and getting off school and running to my friends house making my very first Xbox account(as I didn't have my own Xbox yet), and just ripping the campaign till the sun came up the next day.

  • White knight
    White knightAylar önce

    The sheer amount of content that reaches gives you makes it worth. 3 on the other hand with literally one item makes it the best in the franchise. They could’ve just given that helmet with it and it would still be the best.

  • GalacticGaming4k
    GalacticGaming4kAylar önce

    Keep up the great work, Its obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into your videos!

  • Tanubi
    TanubiAylar önce

    Love the video, very informative but I think it's worth noting that the term “Pre-order bonuses” is a little wrong here. Editions and content that comes with them are not pre-order bonuses, just edition content. Usually these things are meant to be available in limited quantities even after pre-orders. It's also worth pointing out for anyone trying to pick up Halo 3 Legendary edition, it does not come with the steel box of the limited edition. Two black plastic dvd cases and that's it with a disc in each and that's it. The pre-order bonuses from bad memory are, HR- Recon helmet variant - UA chest variant HW - Honour Wraith - Flaming Warthog HODST - Johnson H4 - Weapon Skins and emblems, think maybe armour variants. H5 - Think emblems and couple armour variants. Think that's everything. Just extra information for any collector who drops by looking to gather information. Reach Legendary edition is best in terms of edition content and sadly H4 is best for pre-order bonuses as it had 4 when I ordered mine. These all became available in the not deserved GOTY edition later on.

  • Tony Hall
    Tony HallAylar önce

    Got the metal case version of H3 on launch. The disk wasn't held down traditionally and kept in place with 2 cardboard tabs. Needless to say, my first copy of H3 was dead on arrival. I don't think I was the only person that had this issue.

  • Life Forms
    Life FormsAylar önce

    I remember pre-ordering the Halo 3 collector's edition, only to have the shipping estimation tell me it wouldn't be delivered until about a week after the game launched. All my friends went to the midnight release and got their copies immediately. I decided I couldn't wait a week, so I ended up buying a regular copy the next day and then selling the copy of the game that came with the collector's edition and kept everything else. I don't really see a point in pre-ordering now that you don't really run the risk of them selling out on day 1 anymore, at least not in my experiences over the last decade.

  • Steven Simmons
    Steven SimmonsAylar önce

    My favorite is still that $80 Halo: Reach limited edition that came with the notebook and stuff. That was the coolest one I remember getting.

  • yoshionthego
    yoshionthegoAylar önce

    I originally got halo five limited edition because I wanted the physical disc. Just a year later Best Buy was having a flash sale of the legendary edition for $60 so I jumped on that immediately and ended up with both.

  • TypicallyUnique
    TypicallyUniqueAylar önce

    Halo 2 is still my favorite. The amount of hours I put into that game was ridiculous.

  • Alexis Mendez
    Alexis MendezAylar önce

    I remember my older brother getting the heroic and legendary editions and gave me the legendary edition to use. But I kept the journal with everything in it! But after moving a lot the front cover is really damaged but it still magnetic so it’s good lmao

  • Godzilla Cheeze
    Godzilla CheezeAylar önce

    One of the additions you should’ve mentioned for the halo three limited edition, was the notorious disc tray the disks were held in! They were notorious for becoming undone on the way to the buyers houses, leading to broken discs… an broken controllers!

  • Sir BigWater
    Sir BigWaterAylar önce

    Still got my Halo 3 Legendary edition from Launch, along with Reach's and 4's limited editions. Still looks awesome. Got Halo 5's steelbook from the Xbox One edition. Out of all of those though, I still wish I got Reach's legendary édition. That statue looks awesome.

  • Jarsia
    JarsiaAylar önce

    aside from ODST and HW2 I have pretty much all of this. And I did (tediously) assemble that guardian model. I'm also lacking the H3 helmet since I just got limited edition(too broke at the time), but thanks to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I DO have a wearable N7 helmet, so there's that.

  • Richard Cruz
    Richard CruzAylar önce

    I remember as a kid coming back from 2nd grade and my dad surprising me with halo 3 limited edition and when I saw that helmet I burst into tears from how badass it was. He also got me a life size poster of master chief that I stuck into my wall but it sucks cause I couldn't take it out when we moved. I remember playing the campaign and finishing it that day with my dad. Him being chief and me being arbiter. Best memories I have with my dad. Hopefully some day when I'm a dad ill be chief and my kid will play as arbiter.

  • SpiritHawk7
    SpiritHawk7Aylar önce

    12:44 - 13:10 The pins were exclusive to GameStop preorders. You got 1 black pack (warthog, scarab, and wraith) for preordering the standard edition, then an addition red pack (Atriox and Spartan Jerome) with preorder of the Ultimate Edition.

  • LonghornsLegend
    LonghornsLegendAylar önce

    I have every Halo le console; Halo 4 360 s, the Halo 5 one, and the Infinite for the Series X. I collect those and the controllers just not the pre orders. They definitely would look cool in my game room though. One thing I miss that's never coming back is midnight releases. Man that was just always a great time for a Halo release

  • Cool Guy Aspie
    Cool Guy AspieAylar önce

    Only Legendary edition I have is Halo Reach and that was by far the most amazing legendary pre-order.

  • prod. onfroze
    prod. onfrozeAylar önce

    i remember the day i got the halo reach legendary edition. it used to cost $150 but went on sale for $60 after some time. i figured if the game originally cost $60 then i might as well buy it again for the same price and get the legendary edition. i went to gamestop trying to find it in stock but had no luck. it was late at night and i had school the next morning so my mom agreed to wait at gamestop for the truck to arrive with a copy of it. she brought it home and i couldn’t contain my excitement. i didn’t hesitate to put the code in on my xbox for the red flame helmet effect. still to this day i have the goodies that came included. man do i miss those days

  • Luxither
    LuxitherAylar önce

    Halo Wars 2 Preorder bonuses were weirdly nation specific. I, in Australia, got 2 pins and a metal case, as well as the standard case & Halo Wars 1 definitive edition. I never knew there were 5 pins for the preorder, and I'm a little pissed that I don't have them.

  • mushyMax
    mushyMaxAylar önce

    Good job on the video. Very informative and interesting. Stumbled upon your channel through the recommendations. Honestly glad that i did. Keep it up! 👍

  • HerrenGamingNews
    HerrenGamingNewsAylar önce

    I got the limited edition Halo 2 steel book I loved the DVD I watched the shit out of the making of Halo 2, that DVD almost made me want to become a developer until I realized that it's not as fun as it looked at 12 years old. I spared no expense on Halo Reach since it was Bungie's last game! The legendary edition was worth it!

  • JorgeJavier Laborde
    JorgeJavier LabordeAylar önce

    I still remember the day I got Halo 3 and 4. Halo 3 was mg first M rated game and the first first-person shooter game I played. It was a hard sell to convince my parents. However, I finally convince them when I got my Christmas present of a Xbox 360 and Halo 3. Man I was so happy. Halo Reach was my first pre-order that I waited for Midnight. However, once my parents saw the people on line (stereotypical geeks) they say fuck it will pick it up tomorrow, plus I had class the next day. Halo 4 was the most special of them all. It was my first pre-order that I went for the midnight release and waited in line. Unlike in ODST and Reach, the next day there was no class because it was Election Day. Oh man I’ll never forgot that experience for that game. I still remember that when I started playing Halo 4 the graphic was soo good in the first cutscene that I literally sought that it was a real life movie or something.

  • AgentM0
    AgentM0Aylar önce

    My first limited edition of any game originated from Halo 5 for my birthday (limited not the one with the statue). I very well didn’t like Halo 5’s story, lack of content, glitchy UI, and most importantly micro transactions. As a side note not GameStop didn’t give me my preorder bonus even though the game was preordered, but seeing how the game turnout I didn’t care anymore.

  • Jonconji
    JonconjiAylar önce

    I had the legendary edition for reach since launch but couldn’t open it cuz of its exclusivity 😭 only to find out years later that i could have repped that fire helmet. Also he was right ;-; i ended up destroying up the carrying box for the statue 😞

  • Julio Fedocci
    Julio FedocciAylar önce

    Bem eu sou do brasil e nao sabia que existia legendary editions sendo vendidas no brasil as unicas que achei foi uma do reach e do 3

  • imahaloguy
    imahaloguyAylar önce

    The Reach Legendary edition came in an UNSC crate. I still have it and the statue to this day!

  • Tycho
    TychoAylar önce

    My parents got me the standard edition of Halo 3 in 2007 and then the next year they got like three of the Halo 3 Legendary Editions for around $20 or so each. I still have mine

  • Kdn
    KdnAylar önce

    I don’t know what edition it comes in but I got the fotus armour in halo 5, still one of the coolest even with all these crazy armours in mcc and infinite

  • OG Warlock
    OG WarlockAylar önce

    Having owned the most expensive version of reach as a kid and seeing all the items it came with and the bust of Noble team brought tears to my eyes and reminds me of better days. Thank you for making this video and bringing back great memories.

  • MooseCock ThunderLord
    MooseCock ThunderLordAylar önce

    My dad and I was huge Halo fans when Halo reach came out I thought we was just gonna get the normal pre order but he came back with the legendary edition and was blown away

  • Mazlow
    MazlowAylar önce

    I once, as a kid, mowed lawns all summer to save up for an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 Legendary Edition. Still have that damn helmet. Worth it.

  • Christopher Dean
    Christopher DeanAylar önce

    You’re forgetting that there was also a preorder for ODST where it came with an ODST controller 🤙🏻

  • Barkley
    BarkleyAylar önce

    I have halo 2, 3, and reachs collector editions. The master chief helmet replica is so badass for 3 and the noble team statue for reachs collecotr edition is also super badass.

  • IXo Eclipse oXI
    IXo Eclipse oXIAylar önce

    I think there is one you forgot from Halo 4 unless you didn't own it, it's the pre-order of halo 4's limited edition xbox 360 console that got you the FOTUS armor.

  • Skootmeister
    SkootmeisterAylar önce

    I have Halsey’s journal and am still trying to find the booklet of the Infinity from Halo 4. Both of them are worth it if you’re a lore nut.

  • Draliseth
    DralisethAylar önce

    Heroic edition of Reach, Halsey's journal is a GOLDMINE. I also got Halo 3 limited edition. The game disc came loose in the metal case and it got scratched, but was thankfully still playable. The booklet it came with was pretty rad though, detailing the species of the covenant and adding some lore. Those are the only times I've ever gotten a physical special edit. I was gonna get one for Batman until I heard they skimped on the batarang.

  • Gnik4144
    Gnik4144Aylar önce

    I have the halo reach heroic edition… I’ve looked at all the little things it came with and thought it was all so cool back in the day!!

  • Gnik4144
    Gnik4144Aylar önce

    I have the halo reach heroic edition… I’ve looked at all the little things it came with and thought it was all so cool back in the day!!

  • Gnik4144
    Gnik4144Aylar önce

    I have the halo reach heroic edition… I’ve looked at all the little things it came with and thought it was all so cool back in the day!!

  • Antonio Rios
    Antonio RiosAylar önce

    Reach legendary has special place in my heart, I saved up that $150 which was the most money I saved at the time.

  • Vonytak
    VonytakAylar önce

    I managed to find the Halo 2 limited edition at a goodwill (in pretty good condition), complete AND included a coupon from 7/11 for a slushy with a Halo-themed cup

  • Powers3rg
    Powers3rgAylar önce

    That's awsome that your dad let you skip school to play Halo. My mom took me at midnight to Blockbuster to get Gears of War on a school night. She knew it was a big deal to me and it's something I will never forget.

  • Space Duck
    Space Duck2 aylar önce

    I’m still waiting on my halo 4 preorder skins. I’m sure GameStop will get them to me any day now… any day…

  • Carminek14


    Aylar önce

    Weren't they on the receipt??

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    2 aylar önce

    I know! Still missing in MCC :(

  • Random Hip Hop
    Random Hip HopAylar önce

    Lol I used to bring the booklets to school too... we had the whole 4th grade trying to design the next halo game lol. Oddly enough half of the things we came up with they put in later games 🤣 even Cortona being evil which didn't work out storywise. That's the number one thing telling me the whole halo franchise has just turned into fan fiction at this point.

  • fortxfy
    fortxfyAylar önce

    Great video! Wish I pre-ordered some of these!

  • Livvvid
    LivvvidAylar önce

    midnight launches in general were so fun but halo ones had a special air about them. I was in high school when halo 3 dropped and vividly remember going to a midnight launch and everyone was just so cool. people buying everyone pizza, sodas ect. it used to be you HAD to go to a midnight launch if you ever hoped to play a halo game on launch day. but over the years bigger stores like walmart and target would order enough for you and 6 generations after you or you could buy online. I remember one of the last midnight launches I went to it was just me and 2 other guys and I eventually left when I realized It wasn't going to be how I remembered them.

  • MegaMaggotMRH
    MegaMaggotMRHAylar önce

    I got Halo CE about a year after release so I got the GotY edition that had a Halo 2 trailer. Being young still, I didn't get Halo 2 at release and no stores around here ever had the Limited Edition. Halo 3 came around and I got the game for my birthday and the Legendary Edition (without game) for Christmas. That version didn't include a steelbook sadly. Halo Wars limited edition was never available here, so standard it was. Halo 3 ODST I didn't pre order, but I got Johnson because Gamestop had like 50 code cards still. Halo Reach was my first Halo pre-order. But gamestop didn't tell me about any other editions so I'm still hunting a complete noble team statue to this day. Halo 4 I skipped out on and picked up later on sale. I didn't have an Xbox One at the time of release of Halo 5 or Halo Wars 2. Finally got one in 2017 and got lucky enough to find a Halo 5 collectors edition in stock at gamestop. I used rewards points to bring it home for the price of $26.99. Picked up the Halo Wars 2 disc with season pass on that black Friday for $15. Most of the time, waiting is good. Other times, you miss out on something great.

  • Aaron Bishop
    Aaron Bishop15 gün önce

    Yeah… I got the Halo 5 Limited Collector’s Edition… regret it so much 😭😂 Worth noting that there was also an even more limited edition which included a needler prop which I’d recommend checking out

  • Xavier Arenas
    Xavier ArenasAylar önce

    Halo 3 and all it's live action commercials were the absolute power of gaming and shall remain that way for centuries

  • SaberInferno
    SaberInfernoAylar önce

    I've usually pre-ordered my favorite franchises like Mass Effect, Halo and Ace Combat. I'm more hesitant now, not because of crap pre orders but because of crap games as if late. Anyway, I don't remember really caring about the pre order bonuses, I did it so I'd secure a copy before everything went digital now.

  • Liam Douglas
    Liam DouglasAylar önce

    ODST collector's edition also came with an awesome remote.

  • Irn Fox
    Irn FoxAylar önce

    Trinkets are worth it, think it like this: You pay for the trinkets, and get the game as a bonus! Halo 5 was not the best Halo game (better than 4) but the statue was definitely worth it! Tho Reach did have amazing statue aswell and was superior in every way, so there's that.

  • Metalape
    MetalapeAylar önce

    gamestop had a damaged copy of the collectors edition of reach for 90 dollars, and i dont think i have a much better memory from ym childhood than picking that up and looking through all the cool extras

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamerAylar önce

    Man the Xbox 360 was the best era for gaming. The games you got were ready at launch. No microtransactions. No games as a service. Just pure fun!

  • SoCheeesey
    SoCheeeseyAylar önce

    i dont care if a game ends up being bad. its the memories of being young and growing up with Master Chief. its like unconditional love.

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain FalconAylar önce

    I still have my halo 2 limited from the midnight release at the mall, what a fun night. They made us wait outside, it was freezing, some other people set some large trash cans on fire. Security was a little upset

  • Officer Idiot
    Officer IdiotAylar önce

    I think you could buy the Halo 5 statue separate. My brother got the Halo 5 edition xbox and I got the statue for christmas. We both used the xbox but it still felt a little unfair to me when it came out.

  • Chris O'Mara
    Chris O'Mara25 gün önce

    I got a major flashback when you said Prima guide... I remember buying those for Halo games and for Skyrim among others. What a blast

  • mepm
    mepmAylar önce

    You missed the pre-order bonuses that come with the limited edition xbox consoles for each game. My personal favourite pre order bonuses were from halo reach - metal collector cards of noble 6. As for collectors editions, would have to be either reach statue or halo 3 helmet

  • Kid Charlemagne
    Kid CharlemagneAylar önce

    I remember the Halo 2 and 3 launch nights. Some dude ordered everyone pizza, some folks brought the Halo gamefuel and some dude was grilling burgers. Best night of my young life, ez.

  • Logan Shapiro-Shaw
    Logan Shapiro-ShawAylar önce

    God I miss the midnight releases and all the hype leading up to the release. I miss the old days of the disc era with the cases and the game books. Ugh now everything is digital, why can’t we have these discs back I remember my mom actually went to the release of halo 3 because I got the legendary metal case, but I was super sick and couldn’t even get out of bed, so she went instead and I stayed up playing Halo 3 til 6-7 am and fell asleep with controller in hand lmao. But I never got the helmet unfortunately. Someone actually took my base copy but they had the metal case and they gave my mom that because they felt bad, so metal case and no helmet but either way I was happy

  • Bozzeh
    BozzehAylar önce

    Seeing that Halo 3 Arbiter and Chief poster brought back some long lost memories, Halo as a series is magical :)

  • Miduuza
    Miduuza20 gün önce

    I got my hands on the Halo Reach legendary edition by trading a friend. To this day its 9ne of my favorite collectors items.

  • Leminies
    LeminiesAylar önce

    I wish I could go back in time to re-live buying halo 3 again:(

  • Bellancia
    BellanciaAylar önce

    The ODST collectors edition came with a Green ODST themed Xbox 360 controller. I still have it and use it when playing Halo MCC on PC.

  • Robert Reyes
    Robert ReyesAylar önce

    I have the Halo Reach: Legendary Edition box. Everything is there. Perfect condition except for the sniper. 1 of the bipod is missing.

  • Austin Medz
    Austin Medz4 aylar önce

    Awesome video man! Can't wait for Halo Infinite, and to unbox the console and controller!!

  • Tyler Talsma
    Tyler TalsmaAylar önce

    Some could be worth it. And pre order wasn't a thing for the first Halo because it can cause games to be released with less content sometimes but not all the time.

  • Jack Rogue
    Jack RogueAylar önce

    5:06 It's a coaster?! I thought it was a patch, I sowed it to my favourite back pack. Still have it along with the Reach one

  • Jack Rogue

    Jack Rogue

    Aylar önce

    @Onyx Leviathan I had practice

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    Aylar önce

    How did you managed to sew it!!! Haha that’s wild.

  • rōgansuwātsu
    rōgansuwātsuAylar önce

    halo is so amazing that my dad preordered halo 2 while being 25 and having a child (me) that same year - he still has that metal case propped up on his dresser lol

  • Onyx Leviathan

    Onyx Leviathan

    Aylar önce

    Nice! I remember my dad getting too. Nostalgic times my friend.

  • chocolate squirrel200
    chocolate squirrel200Aylar önce

    I remember the Halo 3 legendary edition had so many issues, alot of people got the discs all scratche and I myself got the special content disc one repeated, wich means that I never got to see what the disc 2 content was, It was a christmas gift so i couldnt take it back to the store because it had no more guarantee, and looking at this video I didnt get the beastiary or the metal case either wtf

  • Long Live The Black Mamba
    Long Live The Black Mamba4 aylar önce

    Man I miss this stuff 🙏🏿

  • GhostCat
    GhostCatAylar önce

    I actually still have halo 3 helmet with the behind the scenes disc on it as well. I am now 27 and still hold it near dear to me even though I don’t have any room to display it right now and still in my closet collecting dust.