Ѕаіnt Еtіеnnе vs РЅG 1-3 Highlights & All Goals - 2021



  • MgAp Gaming
    MgAp GamingAylar önce

    When they put messi in perfect position he will always creat magic In football.

  • Ben Henneh
    Ben HennehAylar önce

    Who else agree with me that Messi doesn't talk but the foot talks for him on pitch and Ramos play well too.

  • Robin Jamatia

    Robin Jamatia

    Aylar önce

    @💥KERIE verwöhntes💥 😘😘

  • Ziad Khalaf
    Ziad KhalafAylar önce

    Neymar's canceled goal could've turned Messi's 3 assist to 4 assists.

  • Kalyan Colon
    Kalyan ColonAylar önce

    TV commentator: Messi’s game lacks brilliance and leadership but look at Ramos how in his first game, he organizes and try to direct the defense. End of game: PSG 3, St E 1. Contrary to what the TV commentator said, Messi completed the game with a hat trick of assists (3). Messi is not vocal on the field he speaks silently with his feet. The three assists were part and parcel of the goals scored. They were genius passes ending with magnificent finishing from Marquinho - two superb headers and an intelligent placement of the ball inside the net by Di María. By the way, I liked also Ramos’ work after considering that Ramos and Messi have different personalities. Messi is the silent generator and Ramos the vocal one. A good complement in any team.

  • Tinkul Ingti
    Tinkul IngtiAylar önce

    If mbappe had scored ... There would have been 6-7 goals

  • kelvin rodriguez

    kelvin rodriguez

    Aylar önce

    Tres asistencia y porq en champion se qeda dormidoo jajaajaaj q porqeria

  • manju sp
    manju spAylar önce

    If football ever had chance to speak ....it would choose to b under the play feet of Messi....😍❤️🐐 Messi is born to play football....

  • Shipon ahmmed
    Shipon ahmmedAylar önce

    Always love Messi

  • free n fresh bd
    free n fresh bdAylar önce

    Who thought Sergio Ramos and Messi will be in the same team 🥴

  • Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.
    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.Aylar önce

    The purpose of messi is a very big magnetic in attacking moment, if opponent squad are around him more than 3 then messi can choose who can score the goal and messi thinking is a half of a second. 3 assists are enough to be a man of the match.

  • Rimon Talukdar
    Rimon TalukdarAylar önce

    King's magic was watchable 👑🐐🔥

  • Agustin Alpha
    Agustin AlphaAylar önce

    Hubieran sido 4 asistencias si el gool de Neymar lo hubieran valido

  • Yusuf Thauziri
    Yusuf ThauziriAylar önce

    Hatrick assist ☂️

  • GhosT BD
    GhosT BDAylar önce

    Messi and Ramos is in The same team...😂 Could you believe it?

  • Suhar Mawan
    Suhar MawanAylar önce

    Messi tetap masih yg terbaik 👍👍

  • Dawai ku
    Dawai kuAylar önce

    Messi love love...😍😍😍

  • Md Liron

    Md Liron

    Aylar önce


  • Sugi Arto
    Sugi ArtoAylar önce

    Best Leonel messi Hatrick assist dalam satu pertandingan Best messi keren,dan debut Sergio Ramos bersama PSG juga Bagus keren.

  • Kevin H

    Kevin H

    Aylar önce

    Debut Ramos ajh pertujukan karete mulai keliatan wkwkwk

  • Bachtiar bei

    Bachtiar bei

    Aylar önce

    @Santis L.nonglait crazy

  • Santis L.nonglait

    Santis L.nonglait

    Aylar önce

    Only assist but nil goal🤣😂

  • Ram Sharan
    Ram SharanAylar önce

    Messi is football king love you messi ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bebek Peking

    Bebek Peking

    Aylar önce

    @Donald Lewis lol boi you don't know shit about football

  • Shreyas Gautam

    Shreyas Gautam

    Aylar önce

    @Donald Lewis ur dad gave the 3 assists?

  • Jimmy SonKa

    Jimmy SonKa

    Aylar önce

    @Donald Lewis how about 3 assist 😜🤣

  • Donald Lewis

    Donald Lewis

    Aylar önce

    Lol he hasn't done anything in the match lol

  • Shemphang T.K
    Shemphang T.KAylar önce

    If without Messi no goals for tonight 😅😍❤️MESSI

  • Alexander Holguin
    Alexander HolguinAylar önce

    admiro a messi porque pasa el balon. mientras el 7 corre y corre sin rienda xD


    M30 is the true Goat.

  • tongkholen touthang
    tongkholen touthangAylar önce

    Messi is so good. Mbaape missed chances to much moreover so selfish....

  • Abraham Osei
    Abraham OseiAylar önce

    MESSI is naturally and professional the best on earth

  • e1 awesome
    e1 awesomeAylar önce

    5:17 doesn’t look good at all. Broken angle definitely

  • Light Ken

    Light Ken

    Aylar önce

    Yepp that's mad injury

  • Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.
    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.Aylar önce

    PSG Needs more team goals, many times messi was standing at better position to hit the goal.

  • Charles AmoakoBoateng
    Charles AmoakoBoatengAylar önce

    PSG have to be more clinical infront of goal

  • Rashid AR
    Rashid ARAylar önce

    Assist Hit trick by Messi

  • Adwin Rai
    Adwin RaiAylar önce

    3 assist by messi 👍

  • Jon putra Siregar
    Jon putra SiregarAylar önce

    Seru Melihat messi klimis sperti ini,,,keliatan muda lg sperti msih umuran 25 thn....

  • Elpidius Egon

    Elpidius Egon

    Aylar önce

    Aslii amntappp

  • Adiamah Charles
    Adiamah CharlesAylar önce

    But what prevented Mbappe from scoring today?

  • Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.

    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.

    Aylar önce

    Fist goal should counts,

  • Empire TvGh

    Empire TvGh

    Aylar önce

    He doesn't have to score always

  • Adiamah Charles

    Adiamah Charles

    Aylar önce

    @Oyedele Tobiloba 😂

  • Adiamah Charles

    Adiamah Charles

    Aylar önce

    @Muyiwa Adedokun yea, u are right ✔️

  • Muyiwa Adedokun

    Muyiwa Adedokun

    Aylar önce

    He didn't score b'cos he wasn't tactical with the finishes. Just firing shot blindly

  • K Xa
    K XaAylar önce

    Messi god is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald LewisAylar önce

    Messi days are getting Messi

  • abin.k.r abin reji
    abin.k.r abin rejiAylar önce

    Only one world football emperor Leo❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Akhter Hussain
    Akhter HussainAylar önce

    wow leo Messi King ⚽

  • sankalp singh
    sankalp singhAylar önce

    Messi is now a playmaker most of the times

  • Military Update
    Military UpdateAylar önce

    Messi in action

  • Pravash dagra The music lover
    Pravash dagra The music loverAylar önce

    I am tired to use the word 'greatest' for messi....

  • Alex Axl
    Alex AxlAylar önce

    Luar biasa messi. 👍👍👍

  • Tri saryanto

    Tri saryanto

    Aylar önce

    @Mulapanondangsinaga Mula wkwkk sakit hati ya ?

  • Mulapanondangsinaga Mula

    Mulapanondangsinaga Mula

    Aylar önce

    Luar binasa kali ahhh.. Cetak gol jg gak🤭

  • Nofrizal Rizal

    Nofrizal Rizal

    Aylar önce

    Ballon dor ke 7

  • Nur Hossain
    Nur HossainAylar önce

    Messi 💜🇦🇷💜

  • Md Jahid Hasan
    Md Jahid HasanAylar önce

    messi and ramos close together after gaol. It's very funny😂

  • Maruf Hossain Himel
    Maruf Hossain HimelAylar önce

    ❤️ FOR D'MARIA

  • nitro balls
    nitro ballsAylar önce

    Mbappe está en modo Vinicius

  • vibgyor construction and design solution studio
    vibgyor construction and design solution studioAylar önce


  • Anar Memmedli
    Anar MemmedliAylar önce

    Messi 👍♥️

    ERROZHAylar önce

    Keren bang messi..top global..

  • Nevi Yanti
    Nevi YantiAylar önce

    strategi psg sangat tidak jelas untung ada messi meski di kurung skill individu nya tetap membantu

  • Ian Stromp
    Ian StrompAylar önce

    mbappe minute 2.27 is very selfish. didn't give the ball to Messi. 😂😂😂

  • Muyiwa Adedokun

    Muyiwa Adedokun

    Aylar önce

    Very selfish... If it was Suarez, that wld av been Messi's goal⚽

  • nasdoc1
    nasdoc1Aylar önce

    Messi's day's are gone. Yeah! I'm pretty sure about that.

  • Dava Nofa
    Dava NofaAylar önce

    4 asist semuanya gol.tp 1 offside

  • Holik Gaspoll
    Holik GaspollAylar önce

    Cba dri awal Messi simpan di tengah Kan leluasa die main nye

  • Lanas Generations
    Lanas GenerationsAylar önce

    Finnlaly ramos is back

  • Gabriel Velozo
    Gabriel VelozoAylar önce


  • Eswor
    EsworAylar önce

    Magician for poor clubs😁

  • Adiamah Charles
    Adiamah CharlesAylar önce

    He has started. @Messi

  • Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.
    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.Aylar önce

    7th Golden ball.

  • Al fando
    Al fandoAylar önce

    Semogah Neyamr Gak cedera serius😭

  • samkelo jiyane
    samkelo jiyaneAylar önce

    Mbappe F*ckn wasteful in front of goal. What a terrible player at that professional level. If they want to reach the UEFA quarterfinals then this player needs to improve his conversion rate by 200%. Gosh!!

  • Putra borneo88
    Putra borneo88Aylar önce

    Terlalu banyak pemain hebat,jadi mereka merasa dirinya terlalu hebat

  • Irwan Syahputra
    Irwan SyahputraAylar önce

    Neymar uda joget" malah gak jadi gol😂

  • Mosarof Dilara
    Mosarof DilaraAylar önce


  • entertainment entertainment
    entertainment entertainmentAylar önce

    Like 👍👍🥰

  • Modjo Gaming
    Modjo GamingAylar önce

    Alez messi!!!

    ABHI AMBRO GAMING 4.2.0Aylar önce

    Neymar 🥺🥺🤲


    Lanjutkan Messi

    HENDRA KEMBAAylar önce

    𝑷𝒆𝒍𝒖𝒂𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒃𝒂𝒚𝒂𝒌 𝒅 𝑴𝒃𝒂𝒑𝒆

  • Pichitchai thailand
    Pichitchai thailandAylar önce

    M. โอกาสยิงเยอะมาก!!!

  • Константин Буряк
    Константин БурякAylar önce

    Ппц, выколите мне глаза! Этот обзор хуже зенита с цска

  • Hakim Sasha   .1M views .
    Hakim Sasha .1M views .Aylar önce

    Play don't worry by hakim Sasha please 🌈🔥

  • Sahid Ahmad
    Sahid AhmadAylar önce

    Sakitnya itu neymar Ngilu liatnya 😭

  • Pungky Arisendi
    Pungky ArisendiAylar önce

    Luar biasaa

  • Yao Ming Revenger
    Yao Ming RevengerAylar önce

    Always want to be best, selfish Save Mbape

  • Cristiano penaldo
    Cristiano penaldoAylar önce

    Hace 3 asistencias después de tiempo y ya es mejor del mundo ridículos

  • Salman Salmu
    Salman SalmuAylar önce

    Get well soon

    MD. RIFATAylar önce

    Messi is the best player

  • Dhimas Zaenal
    Dhimas ZaenalAylar önce

    Wkwkwk peluang emas padahal messi.. Kok bisa mandul gitu🤣

  • Qosim Qosim
    Qosim QosimAylar önce

    Coba kalo mbape maukasih teman tu bola.. pasti bisa menang banyak galll

  • Junior Ramadhani
    Junior RamadhaniAylar önce


    SHOW CHANGERAylar önce


  • Niyazz
    NiyazzAylar önce

    Neymar 😢

  • Thangboy's Collections
    Thangboy's CollectionsAylar önce

    What is the reason that most of your video ending part are different?

  • 8B1 Devkrishna
    8B1 DevkrishnaAylar önce

    Neymar 💔

  • Rakib Rinku
    Rakib RinkuAylar önce

    Leo Leo best

  • irfan nurdin
    irfan nurdinAylar önce

    Penyelesaian akhirnya masih kurang banyak peluang yang kebuang

  • Tri saryanto

    Tri saryanto

    Aylar önce

    Mbape peluang banyak tapi gagal cetak gol

  • edilho channel
    edilho channelAylar önce

    Why Mbappe ???🤣

  • fans neymar jr 10
    fans neymar jr 10Aylar önce

    Neymar jr 🤕

  • matt1e
    matt1eAylar önce


  • Jacob Ampofie
    Jacob AmpofieAylar önce

    How can psg waiste so many chances.

  • Blessing Chikwenjere

    Blessing Chikwenjere

    Aylar önce

    They fell to Mbape, wasteful striker

  • Badmus Nipsey
    Badmus NipseyAylar önce

    make una use 433 for information he go good pass

  • Black Boy
    Black BoyAylar önce


  • Beka Lakhan
    Beka LakhanAylar önce

    Messi Messi Messi

  • Yusman Safran afif
    Yusman Safran afifAylar önce

    Tanpa messi psg tdk ada apa"nya.

  • Ian Stromp

    Ian Stromp

    Aylar önce

    Mbape egois menit ke 2.27 harusnya menjadi goal klo dia umpan ke messi 😀

  • Mayank
    MayankAylar önce

    Man's done Scoring Goals

  • Faryo Zhamrad Channel
    Faryo Zhamrad ChannelAylar önce

    Ney 😥

  • Anas Safwan
    Anas SafwanAylar önce

    Mbappe? Are you there?

  • Afis Arifki
    Afis ArifkiAylar önce

    Cuma lawan antah berantah, liga b kompetitif,, Messi ayam sayur,,coba dong main di liga inggris

  • Wonder Boy
    Wonder BoyAylar önce

    Neymar 😞

  • Alamgir kabir Kabir
    Alamgir kabir KabirAylar önce

    neymer good

  • Jabar Jabar
    Jabar JabarAylar önce

    Wow....hatrik asis

  • Al-Amin Khan
    Al-Amin KhanAylar önce

    Messi messi

  • Wasidi Wasidi
    Wasidi WasidiAylar önce

    Bape bgus main ya cuma main kurang percaya diri kerena di sekeliling ya pemain mahal jd dia ragu main kan irama ya terasa jd beban lihat bape kurusan semenjak Missi hadir di PSG

  • Mhmd Azhar

    Mhmd Azhar

    Aylar önce

    Apa urusannya mbappe kurus sama Messi😂😂

  • Odesflow Official

    Odesflow Official

    Aylar önce

    hahahahahahahahaha bisa ja lu bang,stuju ga bang kalu mbape di jual ga guna sama skli dia skrang hnya tau lari doang

  • Nofrizal Rizal

    Nofrizal Rizal

    Aylar önce

    Karna tiga assist Messi juga poin penuh dibawa pulang,pemain terbaik itu tidak merasa minder main dgn pemain baru ataupun pemain yg kelasnya diatas dia,intinya kekompakan dn jauhi ke egoisan

  • Nurul Islam نورالاسلام Nurul Comilla
    Nurul Islam نورالاسلام Nurul ComillaAylar önce

    মেসি ওল দ্যা বেষ্ট,,,,👌