Inside the NBA Reacts to LeBron James & Isaiah Stewart Altercation - November 23, 2021


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  • James Slattery
    James Slattery2 aylar önce

    Rumor has it that *Isaiah Stewart* is still chasing *LeBron James* to this day.

  • lux


    Aylar önce

    i think he just want a next punch 🤣

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @Billeh Facts

  • April Ferguson

    April Ferguson

    Aylar önce

    If he is he should focus on his future instead. He don't wanna end up back in buffalo NY

  • Mulltothree


    Aylar önce

    @Billeh He became angry when he tasted the blood....which is why LeBaby went and hid behind security. Softest player in the league.

  • Billeh


    Aylar önce

    @Mulltothree Stewart could've hit him when he was in bron face he knew he didn't wanna do nothing

  • David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
    David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer2 aylar önce

    No matter the topic, these guys are always on point. Thank you to inside the NBA for all that you guys do. Hands down the Best sports show out there 🐐

  • Mic One

    Mic One

    Aylar önce

    Wow, you are delusional.

  • dre.flacko


    2 aylar önce

    @Spiritual Sungazer 2 everyone now a days wanna play victim

  • Duality Of Man

    Duality Of Man

    2 aylar önce

    You still elbowing people down at Lakeshore Towers Bagga? 😂

  • Spiritual Sungazer 2

    Spiritual Sungazer 2

    2 aylar önce

    Except police brutality

  • KvnDWr
    KvnDWr2 aylar önce

    Honestly, Shaq is right... he only had two options at that point

  • KvnDWr


    Aylar önce

    @Chkn Chkn That's the point though... I don't think Stewart was actually gonna fight. But he had to *appear* like he wanted to fight... this is what Shaq was talking about.

  • Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

    Aylar önce

    @Chkn Chkn Exactly the security in the tunnel was ready tho. Am glad they caught him Stewart before he reached da other side.

  • Chkn Chkn

    Chkn Chkn

    Aylar önce

    And if he had caught up to LeBron with that level of anger, it would have ended with a long-term suspension, league fines, criminal charges, and/or the end of his career. If he would have been okay with any and all of those consequences, I guess I'd agree.

  • hub3rty
    hub3rty2 aylar önce

    I think Reggie is right Stewart didn't go wild immediately because he didn't know he got hit that hard until he was bleeding. I think he thought naw you can't get away with just an apology after you make my face bleed.

  • ZenobiaBatYAH


    Aylar önce

    I got punched in the face several times...reality doesn’t set in UNTIL you taste that blood...I would have reacted too...

  • chris Vinci

    chris Vinci

    Aylar önce

    @DC Playz thats exactly what you should do.

  • chris Vinci

    chris Vinci

    Aylar önce

    @DC Playz thats exactly what you should do.

  • Felicia Sanders

    Felicia Sanders

    Aylar önce

    @FantasyMangaComic Visionary Lebron wasn't gonna do anything but flop around like a fish as he usually does. Lebron ain't a tough guy despite the size of his muscles via performance enhancements, as you people like to pretend he is. 🙄

  • lbvl0mc 99

    lbvl0mc 99

    Aylar önce

    Exactly. It was intentional.!!! If it were reversed, letrash wouldn’t cried about it. Stewart would’ve been suspended multiple games and not just one.

  • Jowel Swinney
    Jowel Swinney2 aylar önce

    Whenever I need an insider answer Shaq is always the one I want to hear. He's been there and done that and his answers always seem the most logical, non-biased, and uses the most common sence.

  • Ruffz41
    Ruffz412 aylar önce

    Shaq only one keeping it real. Chuck, Shaq, Reggie, a lot of the ex players from that era would have already been swinging fists and choking necks! Their reaction to the hit in the face would have been more immediate and swift and not delayed like that.

  • Blackrahk


    Aylar önce

    @MUSHROOMAN4 lol. You go fight him then.



    Aylar önce

    @Blackrahk ass beat by the league for hurting the princess

  • TayG 9Deuce

    TayG 9Deuce

    Aylar önce

    Yea because Stewart a 😺 and they not

  • TNT Section

    TNT Section

    2 aylar önce

    They had bad reaction. Jumping to violence instead of considering the consequences. It was a different era though so I guess that makes sense.

  • Blackrahk


    2 aylar önce

    @Matthew Wing Stewart would have got his ass beat.

  • Chronicle
    Chronicle2 aylar önce

    The show will go on without Chuck (already hinting retirement). But it's entertainment value will suffer. You can see in this segment, Chuck could have elevated this 10x. They all came flat for a such high profile incident.

  • Felicia Sanders

    Felicia Sanders

    Aylar önce

    You people value Charles mush mouth Barkley's opinion? Dude can't put together a coherent thought or sentence, yet yall act like he adds something of value or says something prophetic. Toxic NBA fanboys are dumber than I thought you were.

  • Tony


    2 aylar önce

    Even tho the show would be worse without Charles Barkley, it would still be the best Basketball Show and I would still watch it, but ya, when I found out Chuck wasn't there for this one.....super disappointing

  • Sup


    2 aylar önce

    Chuck has said he'll be there a couple more years. Because he's doing the TNT golf commentary on Friday he probably asked TNT if he could skip this week's show and of course they will give him whatever he wants, he's their main star.

  • Puck


    2 aylar önce

    @Daniel Jenkins Exactly, Chuck has consistently called it the best job in the world, and that it's not even really a job because he's just watching basketball with his buddies and talking about it for like not even 30 days in a year and gets $1.5m a year for it. I don't see Chuck giving that seat up

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    2 aylar önce

    Right. Instead we had Kenny giving his boring take for 5 minutes. We need Chuck there to shut Kennys ass up. lol

  • sensitivebunny00
    sensitivebunny002 aylar önce

    Charles isn’t there, this could have been more entertaining

  • Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

    Aylar önce

    @metalheadblues also he's commentating a golf tourney that's near his daughters house so he's gone for a few days

  • Marsha Julessa

    Marsha Julessa

    Aylar önce

    @metalheadblues visiting his daughter it's da holidays

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    Aylar önce

    "First of all, I GUARANTEE, back in our day Shaq, tell 'em."

  • J


    Aylar önce

    @Biblical Charles > Ernie > any guest > Shaq > Kenny

  • ThaT HeaT

    ThaT HeaT

    2 aylar önce

    He mocked Ernie for that doughnut remark. Ernie dont play around

  • Q-J Hoops
    Q-J Hoops2 aylar önce

    Man I love J Crossover being on but this was the one Tuesday that we really needed Chuck. His take would’ve went viral I know it.🤣🤣

  • Doable Films
    Doable Films2 aylar önce

    This hasn't been bad for Isaiah Stewart's career. Okay he lost 2 game checks but now everyone knows he even exists and is a 'hard-nosed' player. That's good for a couple mil extra come contract time

  • J.J. Duff

    J.J. Duff

    Aylar önce

    That might run counter to the fact that he ran over the team staff

  • Dj Colly Sanz

    Dj Colly Sanz

    Aylar önce

    F A C T S !

  • Darrell Mitchell

    Darrell Mitchell

    Aylar önce

    I think the incident will affect Stewart more negatively than positively. He's only a second year player. Look over his history of confrontations. He's a dirty player, that happened to get the bad end of the stick this time.

  • sean kelly

    sean kelly

    Aylar önce

    Yeah. A couple million less.

  • hudor tunnel

    hudor tunnel

    Aylar önce

    nope, when you are told to stop, you should stop. from a supervisory perspective, stewart could not be supervised well so wud you choose to extend his contract?

  • Curumno
    Curumno2 aylar önce

    I love how the stadium lights turned off when Reggie was talking about Isaiah Stewart tasting blood (3:44)

  • Adaya NUNN

    Adaya NUNN

    Aylar önce

    They hired a wwe tech

  • sean kelly

    sean kelly

    Aylar önce

    Good eye bro. 😂

  • Terry Rosario Jr

    Terry Rosario Jr

    Aylar önce

    It totally went DARK

  • Dinomyte Bedfrd

    Dinomyte Bedfrd

    2 aylar önce

    I thought the undertaker was gonna come out and choke slam is ass. He lucky 😮‍💨

  • Eazy Baby

    Eazy Baby

    2 aylar önce

    That timing is impeccable 😂

  • N.M. Davis-Alvarez
    N.M. Davis-Alvarez2 aylar önce

    Reggie and Shaq have always been hilarious together. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mike Panthermike
    mike Panthermike2 aylar önce

    Senior guys have the best metaphors.. "He went Rambo" 😂😂😂

  • AutoAlchemist


    Aylar önce

    Its "Rittenhouse" now

  • King Lycan

    King Lycan

    2 aylar önce

    They Drew First Blood -Isaiah Stewart 😂😂

  • Phillie B
    Phillie B2 aylar önce

    I understand Shaq's point. But what Isaiah Stewart did was waaaay too much. The NBA is not going to tolerate that.

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson2 aylar önce

    Kenny always Tryna be the voice of reason but it never works out in his favor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @j t He barley touched that boy stop it.

  • Luciano


    Aylar önce


  • j t

    j t

    2 aylar önce

    Yeah...let Shaq finish what he was saying ...u had your turn to say whatever you wanted and of course u defend Lebron James and talk about Stewart.... Shaq is exactly right that mess Lebron did was F up...

  • Z All Day All day

    Z All Day All day

    2 aylar önce

    Kenny is awful.

  • A F P1

    A F P1

    2 aylar önce

    Kenny is good at what he does.

  • Makaveli Shakur
    Makaveli Shakur2 aylar önce

    Well said Shaquille O'Neal, also Reggie Miller! Excellent point I agree 100%

  • Ap3x Unlimited
    Ap3x Unlimited2 aylar önce

    The lights turning off when Reggie started talking about the blood is ironic and hilarious timing

  • KingandQueen 2019

    KingandQueen 2019

    Aylar önce

    The Blood!



    Aylar önce

    I thought the dead man was about to make an entrance.

  • N.M. Davis-Alvarez

    N.M. Davis-Alvarez

    2 aylar önce

    Clearly it's TRUE. 🤣

  • Ap3x Unlimited

    Ap3x Unlimited

    2 aylar önce

    @King Lycan I give you my condolences 😔

  • King Lycan

    King Lycan

    2 aylar önce

    Yup Reggie definitely taught us New Yorkers the definition of Lights out!! 😂😂

  • Nikki Bowden
    Nikki Bowden2 aylar önce

    I was looking forward to Chuck and Shaq discuss this.

  • Celly Cell
    Celly Cell2 aylar önce

    Smh chuck would’ve been perfect for this topic

  • Micycle


    Aylar önce

    Chuck Norris?

  • Marcus Jones

    Marcus Jones

    Aylar önce

    Your pic bro is funny 🤣

  • Pro Touch

    Pro Touch

    2 aylar önce

    They knew he was that’s why they gave him the day off

  • Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith

    2 aylar önce

    Yup this topic definitely needed Chuck

  • OG Dynasty Beats

    OG Dynasty Beats

    2 aylar önce

    Chuck would’ve been like “Now I would’ve punched that guy right in the face. That’s what needed to be done”

  • RJ Basilio
    RJ Basilio2 aylar önce

    that "He went Rambo" got me 😂

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty ShacklefordAylar önce

    Ok, so it was intentional and unintentional at the same time. Lebum intentionally meant to elbow him. Did he mean to catch him in the face with it? I don't think the face was his target but that's what happened. P.S Pistons fan here. Still would've like to see Lebum get Tomjanoviched.

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @Rusty Shackleford hahaha

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    Aylar önce

    @Viper Records Where is this long ass post hating on a billionaire? All you can do is repeat yourself. You haven't proved me wrong or even made a single valid point. It's hilarious how slow you must be to say what you're saying on a video that proves you wrong. Stop making a fool of yourself son.

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @Rusty Shackleford You wrote a whole long ass post to hate a billionaire. The jokes on you ❄️ . The piston fans used to be hard what happened 🤣? He barley touched that boy

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    Aylar önce

    @Viper Records Says they ❄ troll that has gone on multiple comments on this video to defend a billionaire crybaby. And way to admit to being a bandwagon fan, it's amazing how ignorant you keyboard warriors are getting. Try again 🤣

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @Rusty Shackleford Not even a lakers fan you cornball but obviously hating on someone who doesn’t know you makes you sad. Get a life he barley touch that boy.

  • Brian Throm
    Brian Throm2 aylar önce

    It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not. That was a non-basketball play away from the ball. Lebron 100% responsible for the punch to the face because of that

  • Viper Records

    Viper Records

    Aylar önce

    @sean kelly He barley touched him.

  • sean kelly

    sean kelly

    Aylar önce

    He turned his head to look at him and THEN back-fisted him! Of course it was intentional! How are we all not in agreement on this??

  • Tom Y

    Tom Y

    2 aylar önce

    Of course it was intentional, I guess they were arguing did Lebron meant to hit the head, which I agree, I don’t think he was, but there was definitely intent to hit Stewart.

  • K W
    K W2 aylar önce

    Shaq is so right!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sharif Nasser
    Sharif Nasser2 aylar önce

    "Once he tasted blood.." *lights turn off 🤣🤣

  • Derek Knockless

    Derek Knockless

    Aylar önce

    @YourTechGuide it turn on...

  • YourTechGuide


    2 aylar önce

    *red light districts fully activated!*

  • Reko 03
    Reko 032 aylar önce

    Yes exactly what I been saying! It’s so nice hearing from the perspective of nba experts and former players rather than haters on the internet who are gonna be bias towards lebron regardless of the situation.

  • Latisha Nsubuga

    Latisha Nsubuga

    2 aylar önce

    @T B he’s never been a dirty player. He just made a dirty play

  • T B

    T B

    2 aylar önce

    @C M 💯😂

  • C M

    C M

    2 aylar önce

    @T B and those the same people that are saying the league is getting soft lmao

  • T B

    T B

    2 aylar önce

    @Reko 03 fr! Lol Been waiting for 19 strong years ☠️

  • Reko 03

    Reko 03

    2 aylar önce

    @T B summed up how they be perfectly 😂

  • Greg
    Greg2 aylar önce

    I agree with both Reggie and Kenny actually lol I think he didn't react until the blood started spilling which is when they separated the two the first time and then he tried to go back towards LeBron. Makes perfect sense. But Kenny is right too, after he charged LeBron the first time (After he saw the blood) and they separated them and he was on the other side of the court, to start running back and knocking over staff just to run back was antics to me lol It was over the top and I get it, he trying to make a point. Can't hit someone in the face and not expect them to react but the second time when he started running through people was antics lol Like the WWE type stuff for the fans

  • Duncan McLeod
    Duncan McLeod2 gün önce

    If he'd of elbowed James everyone would of reacted way diffrent.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey WalesAylar önce

    Let's be honest everyone wanted them to let Stewart get to James 😂

  • Gokul Prabhu
    Gokul Prabhu2 aylar önce

    LeBron took away his hand that was holding by Isaiah . LeBron went out decent and sorry though it was Isaiah mistake holding hands

  • Davo A
    Davo A2 aylar önce

    Isaiah Stewart is one of the most well known player in the game now.

  • Chris Vertical

    Chris Vertical

    2 aylar önce

    @DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs ay come down Dennis smith and someother dude had a trip double in one game with yall, was that not enough?

  • DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs

    DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs

    2 aylar önce

    Finally my pistons get some talk lmao...we gotta be bad ass all the time for people to notice we exist



    2 aylar önce

    Because of lbj he got 10 mins of fame....lolol

  • Benjamin Rivas
    Benjamin RivasAylar önce

    He totally looked over as he smacked him on the face! 🤣

  • LIVE From Bk
    LIVE From Bk2 aylar önce

    Shaq not having it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • King Keith
    King Keith2 aylar önce

    Jamal Crawford spittin facts, keep bringing him around!

  • Davit M

    Davit M

    2 aylar önce

    Not over chuck

  • vincent bruce
    vincent bruce2 aylar önce

    Wilt Chamberlain was elbowed in the jaw, breaking a wisdom tooth, and led to heart issues which were attributed to his early death/ Wilt immediately knocked the huge guy out with the fastest punch ever seen by the players on the floor. Lebron is lucky he didn't hit Wilt, which he would never have the balls to do.

  • vincent bruce

    vincent bruce

    Aylar önce

    @Valorie Thompson I have a hard time accepting Wilt is gone, thanks for helping me. Imagine 5 LeBrons versus 5 Wilts, - team Wilt 200 - team Lebron 50. LOL.

  • Valorie Thompson

    Valorie Thompson

    Aylar önce

    vincent bruce, #1. it was not intentional so don't need balls for accident. #2. Wilt was several inches taller and dead, kinda hard unless a step stool and exhumation . Lol

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi HatakeAylar önce

    6:50 Awwww hearing Reggie say "Kobe" got me feels. We miss you mamba #24

  • ANJR
    ANJR2 aylar önce

    0:36 Russ squaring up was funny af

  • AMPM Ri

    AMPM Ri

    2 aylar önce


  • Toni Stop Motion
    Toni Stop Motion2 aylar önce

    His performance deserves an academy award for that reaction. He needed a str8 jacket for that one.

  • Ke Dot
    Ke Dot2 aylar önce

    You can tell Kenny never had a fight

  • Tiave Oto

    Tiave Oto

    Aylar önce

    Lol do we have to fight tho??

  • Hermonymus of Sparta

    Hermonymus of Sparta

    2 aylar önce

    @Soham Roy depends

  • Soham Roy

    Soham Roy

    2 aylar önce

    Is having a fight a very honorable thing

  • Jrody
    Jrody2 aylar önce

    Jamal Crawford on the show hell yeah!

  • frederickcook87
    frederickcook872 aylar önce

    I still say he overreacted and really didn’t want that smoke…. He was a raging bull but pulled up at Jordan plus prior to that he was face to face with lbj and did nothing

  • Randy Schwing
    Randy SchwingAylar önce

    I would have loved to see LJ hit Rodman like this...the reaction would have been EPIC

  • Belinds Bowstring
    Belinds Bowstring2 aylar önce

    Nobody makes me bleed my own blood 😂

  • Our great surrender in chief Joe Biden

    Our great surrender in chief Joe Biden

    Aylar önce

    Movie is dodgeball

  • Leah Wilkerson

    Leah Wilkerson

    Aylar önce


  • Tony


    2 aylar önce

    @Al Browne Nelson Muntz

  • Al Browne

    Al Browne

    2 aylar önce


  • YuJuan Douglas
    YuJuan DouglasAylar önce

    Reggie Miller's right he got upset because he felt the blood and he seen the blood LeBron probably didn't do it on purpose but LB be knowing what he be doing

  • ANJR
    ANJR2 aylar önce

    They are overhyping Steward's toughness...he's not like that

  • James Lee

    James Lee

    2 aylar önce

    @Latisha Nsubuga Yeah that’s my concern for him and Thomas Bryant. Rochester NY has that kind of culture where you have to be reactive or people could roll up on you. Fortunately they both made it out of there, but how much has that rubbed off on them. I hope they can keep it together and not go back; I’d hate that for them.

  • lazarus


    2 aylar önce

    @Daniel Vlantis stop capin that never happened LOL and he has only been in the league one year he's actually pretty decent

  • Daniel Vlantis

    Daniel Vlantis

    2 aylar önce

    @lazarus Dude isnt good enough to hoop with giannis and blake so he plays dirty to contribute. As far as I remember giannis and his brother approached the pistons after the game to settle the altercation like men and stewart hid behind blake and the pistons staff... but hey he a boxer tho right

  • ANJR


    2 aylar önce

    @lazarus no it's not lmao

  • ANJR


    2 aylar önce

    @Snap Snap no he wouldn't lmaoooo and if he did he would lose his career

  • Dewayne Tucker
    Dewayne Tucker2 aylar önce

    The lebrin never had a exceptional coach to rely on beside spoelstra I believe and that wasn’t top notch and never had teammate besides wade that could handle the load when he doesn’t play or out the game and no system to where it’s movement without the basketball every team he has ever played for just stands at the 3 point line and no movement without the basketball if I’m lying let me know

  • Johnny guitar Watson
    Johnny guitar Watson2 aylar önce

    I'm going out on a limb and say the next time we meet the pistons in a week, Stewart will draw some kind of blood from LEBRON, he'll be broke with the fines & suspension he'll draw again. But the spirit of retribution will be alive 👀👁

  • Edward McCrae
    Edward McCraeAylar önce

    Player one swung his arm with a cupped hand to dislodge his arm, hit player two with forearm/wrist in head and finger(s) caught lip in corner of mouth to cause damage to stated areas of player two's body. In my unbiased opinion , not intending to cause that kind of injury. Interested to hear response from both players.

  • julian guevara
    julian guevara2 aylar önce

    Slick move to get load management Lebron my props he’s the best load manager of all time he’s better than the mid 2000’s Spurs

  • Zay Oni
    Zay Oni2 aylar önce

    My man Shaq lives in the real world😂

  • Lobsang Tshering Bhutia
    Lobsang Tshering BhutiaAylar önce

    Shaq keeping it 💯 others are just trying to downplay it. You hit anyone in the piston days you know there’s a big fight breaking out.

  • Kenneth Minner
    Kenneth Minner2 aylar önce

    19 years in the league, Bron isn't a dirty player. BS happens but you can see it wasn't intentional

  • Dwight Mcqueen
    Dwight McqueenAylar önce

    Wish Reggie was still playing. My favorite player of all times

  • Trey Haynes
    Trey Haynes2 aylar önce

    7:24 All I know is every time they show Shaq acting like a 'tough' guy and wildly swinging at Brad Miller, nobody mentions it was actually Charles Oakley who hacked Shaq and Shaq didn't go at Oak! Shaq momma didn't raise no fool!🤣 and Ron Artest was on the other side of Miller.

  • Major Small

    Major Small

    Aylar önce

    Shaq throw punches like an angry woman🤣

  • Trey Haynes

    Trey Haynes

    2 aylar önce

    @Taco Tom Exactly! 😆

  • Taco Tom

    Taco Tom

    2 aylar önce

    @Trey Haynes Oak is definitely a man you dont engage with unless you're willing to go toe to toe.. No talk, just hand's. 😬👍

  • Cream2128


    2 aylar önce

    Lmao Artest and Oakley first two guys on him

  • Trey Haynes

    Trey Haynes

    2 aylar önce

    @R20 I promise you, Shaq has seen that video a million times and has never once mentioned Oak. They all know Oak " 'bout dat life." Shaq didn't want to see him!😂

  • Rey Brown
    Rey Brown2 aylar önce

    Kenny obviously didn't hear the announcer calm down the crowd he saw the hit and immediately told the fans dont go on the floor 🤣🤣

  • Unique Mix Promotions

    Unique Mix Promotions

    2 aylar önce

    Lebron was the reason that arena was sold out in the first place wym lol

  • Jason U

    Jason U

    2 aylar önce

    if it was Marcus Smart... Lance Stephenson.... Patrick Beverly that crowd would have been hype for it. But because it was Lebron those people packed that Arena specifically to see Lebron in the first place.

  • Tavernum


    2 aylar önce

    "Everybody remain in your seat.."

  • MarcusAurelius13
    MarcusAurelius132 aylar önce

    I feel like the NBA is returning to the good ole days!

  • Simon McNeilly

    Simon McNeilly

    Aylar önce

    @Rene Perez Jr I bet you enjoy the WNBA...

  • DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs

    DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs

    2 aylar önce

    Us piston fans are used to this lmao....we invented bad boy put that pistons jersey on and it's over

  • Rene Perez Jr

    Rene Perez Jr

    2 aylar önce

    If I wanna see fighting I’ll watch ufc or boxing you goof

  • Mark Rimedio

    Mark Rimedio

    2 aylar önce


  • SoundsbySitrastic
    SoundsbySitrastic2 aylar önce

    Who else can’t wait until pistons lakers this Sunday🔥🔥

  • Nate Castro Channel
    Nate Castro Channel2 aylar önce

    3:05 I was tweaking and dying laughing I forgot reggie was in the segment too

  • Nathan Serna
    Nathan SernaAylar önce

    Stewart's initial reaction should have been his behavior thur forth so Isiah is wrong for his outburst.

  • jtrix34
    jtrix342 aylar önce

    If that had been Draymond both of them would have got 15 games. And detriot fans would have stormed the court lol

  • steven cooke

    steven cooke

    Aylar önce

    Need a catch name that rhymes with Little Caesars.

  • sean kelly

    sean kelly

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  • Shanti


    2 aylar önce

    If anyone would have storm the court. It would have been for Draymond. He was born a hour in a half away from Detroit in Saginaw.

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow2 aylar önce

    Thank you Reggie, the blood sparked the beast. That should have been obvious.

  • JMan007
    JMan0072 aylar önce

    I agree with Shaq and Miller!

  • Brian Burke
    Brian Burke2 aylar önce

    Glad reggie miller explained it for how it is instead of joining the anti lebron train and putting full blame on him

  • Derek Simmons
    Derek Simmons2 aylar önce

    There’s been worse in Detroit. Waaaaay worse. 🤬🏀

  • Shawty Eat'em up

    Shawty Eat'em up

    2 aylar önce

    Yeah that movie 8mile was there😒😒

  • Gods Cologne
    Gods Cologne2 aylar önce

    The real definition of “Get it in blood”🤣😭

  • SaChow
    SaChow2 aylar önce

    "First suspension of his career." "It is? Nice."

  • Valorie Thompson

    Valorie Thompson

    Aylar önce

    @David Smiths it's his 1st suspension, it's his 2nd ejection.

  • David Smiths

    David Smiths

    2 aylar önce

    Heard it's his 2nd?

  • Kj Evans
    Kj EvansAylar önce

    I wish I paid more attention to Reggie as a player, he seems like an amazing person.

  • Dwayne Malcolm
    Dwayne Malcolm2 aylar önce

    He didn't act like that when LeBron came to him and said my my bad because if you wanted to fight you would have punched him right then and but he waited until everyone started holding him back that's the same way in the in the hood if someone hold you back that's when you want or he wanted everyone to hold him back because it was just them two at first

  • N.M. Davis-Alvarez

    N.M. Davis-Alvarez

    2 aylar önce

    Kid (Stewart) cant even legally drink yet.. i think Isaiah will be just fine in the long run. I think he and Cade gonna be tight too. Deeetroit Basketbaaaall let's go

  • Christopher Picart

    Christopher Picart

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    Yo that's exactly what I said. Thank you. Peace ✌

  • AMPM Ri

    AMPM Ri

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    It's possible that the blood sent him in a rage.

  • Jai See
    Jai SeeAylar önce

    Stewart was started acting out as soon as the team mates try to help. I doubt it he would not acting like that if no one step in and tried to help. He probably just stand there and talk cuz LeBron was very Apologetic.

  • MigV _
    MigV _Aylar önce

    It was irresponsible for lebron to do that. How can you swing your arm, fist closed and expect to get away with it? Because you're the nba poster boy and you get special perks? If stewart didn't react the way he did, it wouldnt have been reviewed.

  • NoHeater
    NoHeater2 aylar önce

    When you see the TNT lineup and Barkley is absent, it’s like the star player didn’t suit up…. The disappointment sinks in 😩

  • Carlomagno Jamisola
    Carlomagno Jamisola2 aylar önce

    Perhaps Stew reacted on somethin’ LBJ said when he went over to Stew. 🧐

  • Foreign Link

    Foreign Link

    2 aylar önce

    Yes. Nobody wants to tell the TRUTH.

  • fredkim01
    fredkim012 aylar önce

    "Once he's tasted the blood"?.. I mean.. do you blame him? Man~ I would've seen to it that Lebron also bled as well if I was in that same situation

  • Rohar Baconmoo
    Rohar BaconmooAylar önce

    Shaq is the only person who could have changed my mind on this Glad I watched the video LeBron is still a terrible, horrible, human being- but I agree this likely was not intentional

  • No_talking_2_U
    No_talking_2_U2 aylar önce

    Ahh I wish Chuck was in this segment would’ve been more entertaining

    LIFESAHBITC6 6Aylar önce

    Shaq always keeps it Trill bottom line! 💯💯

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy2 aylar önce

    Shaq: "imma get you now or imma get you later" LOL

  • K. A. Bowman
    K. A. Bowman2 aylar önce

    Reggie: "...he went Rambo!" 💀💀💀

  • z a
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    Where's Chuck? Cant do this segment without chuck c'mon man

  • Bmc Bmc
    Bmc BmcAylar önce

    Reggie speaking facts too. He reaction was delayed. Shaq on point too but Reggie spot on

  • MovieMusic Clips
    MovieMusic Clips2 aylar önce

    It’s good to be the other side laughing and joking! 😂 😆 😛

  • Martian Martin
    Martian Martin2 aylar önce

    Stewart didn't want smoke with LeBron, trust me. He had his chance when they were face to face. I'm not buying he wanted to fight LeBron.

  • blondydred 79
    blondydred 792 aylar önce

    Jamal Crawford ain't aging and I think he still can suit up nd play right now👌🏽

  • Onyi Oyigah
    Onyi OyigahAylar önce

    "The get back is the get back" - Shaq

  • dude25101
    dude25101Aylar önce

    reggie was spot on about the blood. its a biological instinct to pump your brain with adrenaline when you taste blood. its a trick fighters sometimes use when their losing a fight they bite their tounge for a last chance boost of adrenaline

  • SSjZGogito9000 The Fighter
    SSjZGogito9000 The FighterAylar önce

    It makes me happy shaq can talk about kobe without getting sad

  • Felix
    FelixAylar önce

    Shaq is right! There were only 2 options for Stewart. He chose the least violent one.

  • Blessed One1994
    Blessed One19942 aylar önce

    Delayed reactions are still valid especially when you think about stuff while tasting your own blood… 🩸

  • Bada Bada
    Bada Bada2 aylar önce

    I loved Shaq😂😂 that’s the way u should react .

  • Salvador Sanchez
    Salvador SanchezAylar önce

    Weakness for protecting James. 100 percent intentional. “Blaming the victim.”

  • Life Coach Jesse
    Life Coach Jesse2 aylar önce

    They need to allow LeBron and Stewart to speak for themselves so the media can then speak in the incident as a whole. From my perspective it was an intentional cheap shot. Boxing out by swinging with a close fist at the free-throw line? LeBron took it personal. He does it with all young guys. Remember Knicks when he played with cavs?

  • Dead Ringer

    Dead Ringer

    2 aylar önce

    no. they need to speak one on one privately. verbally or physically 🤭

  • fbhan7
    fbhan72 aylar önce

    “He went Rambo”

  • Terry Barnes
    Terry BarnesAylar önce

    Shaq used to catch players in the face with bows all the time. In particular he caught Mutombo numerous times in that championship series.

  • Maurice Gordon
    Maurice Gordon2 aylar önce

    Sometimes stuff don’t register in your mind that quick because you are still shocked but once he realized how much he was bleeding and the fact that he did it on purpose it pissed him off like nah we gotta square up

  • Michael Jacksin
    Michael JacksinAylar önce

    when Jordan and Isiah talk about how tough the 80s and 90s were I call bs cuz people like kenny had full careers during that time

  • kate kozich
    kate kozichAylar önce

    Anyone know what Shaq says at 7:01? He had me cracking up the whole time fr - You can always count on Shaq to call it like he sees it, zero bs 😂

  • 🏇POLO🏇
    🏇POLO🏇2 aylar önce

    How many people can tell their grandkids “and this is the scar that I got from King James”

  • D K
    D KAylar önce

    Love Reggie "Once he tasted the blood!"

  • Ronin
    RoninAylar önce

    Number 1 rule you learned in grade school “Keep your hands to yourself” and nobody can’t even do that simple rule. If you hit somebody, they have the right to hit you back. If you get hit and don’t retaliate, the people are gonna think your soft cause you let him hit you.

  • sam coleman
    sam colemanAylar önce

    You gotta love Shaq - he keeps it a buck (The get back is the get back!!!).

  • J Ro
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    “He went Rambo” 😂