30 MOST HATED Things In Fortnite


30 Most HATED Things in Fortnite CHAPTER 2!
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  • Vampdemigod Gaming
    Vampdemigod GamingAylar önce

    Don't forget season 8's mythics being practically impossible to get, between Slone having three of the busted burst, and the venom and carnage mythics being taken out quite early in the season. The "mythics" in The Sideways were the only ones that were practical to get for the average player, and even then, getting one took a lot of grinding in The Sideways, which, as you said, was controversial.

  • Cubic


    12 gün önce

    @JELLYBoiByte the kunais were aimbot paradise on the Nintendo switch because I’m a switch player

  • Girlfriend


    17 gün önce

    @Dog Dog The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

  • Vampdemigod Gaming

    Vampdemigod Gaming

    20 gün önce

    @Dog Dog No, he died because at that time, in Jerusalem, that's what happened to people who spoke out against repression, who said the church was wrong, who inspired the lower class to believe that they had value.

  • Dog Dog

    Dog Dog

    20 gün önce

    Jesus loves you all very much repent and believe onto Him and be saved from eternal punishment of sin amen, Jesus DIED for you :)

  • Tyler Farrington

    Tyler Farrington

    21 gün önce

    @JELLYBoiByte yeah

  • Mary White
    Mary WhiteAylar önce

    I actually loved chapter 2 season 5 the only people to blame about sand tunneling is the people that abused the glitch epic had to remove it so no more people used it plus the Mandalorian's aim was fixed plus we got a bunch of collaborations a bounty gamemode and more.Only flaw to me was how many sweats there were but that doesn't count because there have always been sweats since season 5 chapter 1 also if you can edit pump kill and default dance touch some grass no one cares that you have renegade raider or skull trooper

  • WatersCOD


    9 gün önce

    @TheWizardBrand cringe🤡

  • TheWizardBrand


    28 gün önce

    Who asked + ratio

  • Devilslast


    Aylar önce

    I wish I had mandos aim he killed me miles away around a corner in his bar ☹️

  • -HxD-
    -HxD-Aylar önce

    One of the biggest issues I have with this season is shadow cubes are useless if the enemy has visual sounds affects enabled

  • yeetus_boii


    Aylar önce

    @That parkour guy same

  • -HxD-


    Aylar önce

    @God sup god

  • -HxD-


    Aylar önce

    @That parkour guy so am i

  • That parkour guy

    That parkour guy

    Aylar önce

    im that enemy

  • God


    Aylar önce

    @GeneralSquid just use race car vroom vroom

  • Comrade Toothpaste is a Soap
    Comrade Toothpaste is a Soap17 gün önce

    I actually liked the fog in Chapter 2 Season 8, it better enabled me to go around the map more stealthily, and since I never engaged in any combat unless I felt I absolutely had to, there was no problem with running into other players

  • AG Ironman
    AG IronmanAylar önce

    What we have to understand about chapter 2 is that covid struck right as it started. I have a theory that Epic had been planning a LOT of things for chapter 2, but a lot of them ended up getting delayed. For example, I don't think S1 would have been as long or as content-less as it was; if covid hadn't hit. I also think they wouldn't have relied as much on collabs. It seems like irl epic offices are fully opening up again in 2022 (I feel like that would happen before they started LAN events) and that makes me EVEN MORE hyped for Chapter 3

  • Vampdemigod Gaming

    Vampdemigod Gaming

    Aylar önce

    @Epic Galaxy After the live event, I find your word choice particularly hilarious. It turns out the new flipping map was Season 3, not season 2.

  • JGokuu


    Aylar önce

    What’s up everyone I made a fortnite chapter 2 review if u wanna check it out :))

  • Epic Galaxy

    Epic Galaxy

    Aylar önce

    Well, Covid didn't hit until Season 2 of chapter 2, not season 1. But I think the reason the season was so contentless and bland was because Epic genuinely expected us to take a whole season to acclimate to a new flipping map. Plus, they didn't want the crazy loot pool to get in the way of said acclimation, so they pretty much reset the loot pool as well. I mean, back in Chapter 1, people made dozens of videos and had content for weeks when Epic would add one simple item, like the shockwave grenade. So it'd seem reasonable that we'd be content satisfied for a whole season with something as big as a new map... And then we became very impatient and only made a single video on a new item and stuff. But it has to be said that Chapter 2 season 1 was literally the first time Epic has done a chapter change. They didn't know what to expect. But now, they have our feedback and know what we want and don't want from a chapter switch. So while I do thing the new chapter WILL basically reset the lootpool once more, and give us another themeless season. It won't be AS long or AS dry of content now that Epic knows that just a new map isn't enough to keep us satisfied. Plus, Chapter 2 added a whole lot of other things like Mythic bosses, NPCs, gold, crafting, etc. So it wouldn't be AS bad regardless...

  • Mänbread584
    Mänbread584Aylar önce

    One of the most annoing changes is how the lamas react to you being there. I mean they see you from a good distance,have way too much health and if they see even for not even a frame the time is ticking. If you don't kill it fast enough the lama and all of its loot is gone. Just why?

  • Xavier WestonRios

    Xavier WestonRios

    Aylar önce

    Yeah I hate that

  • Hi im Bennett Bro
    Hi im Bennett BroAylar önce

    Season 4 for me was the best out of chap 2. I didnt really feel any issues with it and it just felt like the mythic problem they fixed quickly in arena, in normals i thought they were all fine.

  • Mystic Flames
    Mystic FlamesAylar önce

    how did he forgot that Llamas move now…yes it makes it more challenging but its hell with the fact it takes alot of ammo and you have a limited time to get it and then ppl can just kill you because of the gunshots leading them towards you

  • Lukas_1st FN
    Lukas_1st FNAylar önce

    The only thing i hated about chapter 2 was people standing on top of the zero point and second is the sideways anomaly being disabled due a glitch

  • Bobdzilla 2014
    Bobdzilla 2014Aylar önce

    I love the sideways ,but I wish there were more permanent sideways bubbles on the map

  • Mr L, Green Thunder
    Mr L, Green Thunder11 gün önce

    I actually liked the Mandalorian. It did justice to his character, and for some reason I like the feeling of impending doom.

  • Xeno The Loner
    Xeno The LonerAylar önce

    Honestly, I just camped that infinite heal at slurp until the storm was well gone, and killed any player who tried to use the glitch after I ensured no one could glitch and cheat their wins, I'd simply end myself with fall dmg to keep it fair

  • Bubbly Bites

    Bubbly Bites

    14 gün önce

    Truly a legend, proud to play a game having players like you ❤❤

  • Joseph Bledsoe

    Joseph Bledsoe

    25 gün önce

    good man

  • Alex Meyer

    Alex Meyer

    Aylar önce

    Nice lol

  • Eliaslias
    EliasliasAylar önce

    Chapter 2 season 4 was fine. The mythics that were added were all fun and mostly balanced, or at the very least there was an easy way to kill them. (A purple or gold pump and this was back when they did more damage.) Also the fortnitemares was fun because It provided 199 kills per match, so new kill records and more memes. Also the zombies were sooo easy to kill if you had good aim or a pump, (which back then even blue pumps did 105 at close rage and that would kill a zombie.) So please all of that was fun so don't hate on it or epic games will never add things like it back.

  • kasha francis

    kasha francis

    Aylar önce

    @Eliaslias We've got a pro

  • Eliaslias


    Aylar önce

    @Bonix no way. That's the new max player per lobby (if they don't leave) I did get my new kill record though, 26

  • Bonix


    Aylar önce

    There’s no frickin way u got 199 kills in a random match

  • GiveMeSubsPls
    GiveMeSubsPlsAylar önce

    shjark's weren't one of rthe most hated that season, they were actually loved due to giving loot and having great mobility

  • Hecker
    HeckerAylar önce

    Don't forget season 8's mythics being practically impossible to get, between Slone having three of the busted burst, and the venom and carnage mythics being taken out quite early in the season. The "mythics" in The Sideways were the only ones that were practical to get for the average player, and even then, getting one took a lot of grinding in The Sideways, which, as you said, was controversial.

  • Jamie Caldwell

    Jamie Caldwell

    Aylar önce


  • Human Being
    Human BeingAylar önce

    Kinda makes sense how little map changes we got this season as it is immediately after the mothership exploded so it wouldnt make sense for entire locations to change entirely because of it

  • Ghostsniper
    GhostsniperAylar önce

    There’s something you missed. What about the moving lamas

  • Flywyd
    FlywydAylar önce

    Chapter 2 had its good moments. But the lack of map changes really made me hate the Chapter..

  • Girlfriend


    17 gün önce

    @Cole Slayz everyone

  • CBWG


    Aylar önce

    @Dog Socks compare that to chapter 1 lol, and none of those changes ever lasted more than one season, or left any evidence that anything was ever there

  • Sumudu Ratnayake

    Sumudu Ratnayake

    Aylar önce

    @Wulfman8526 who even plays team rumble bruh everyone's playing arena now

  • Smith is verify

    Smith is verify

    Aylar önce

    The best poi must be coral castle

  • K H

    K H

    Aylar önce

    Chapter 2 was awesome but they were not that many map changes

  • Russ Hentz
    Russ HentzAylar önce

    I loved the flooded map in S3 and always having to be on the lookout for Mando.

  • Akshaj Prasad
    Akshaj PrasadAylar önce

    Honestly i felt that the fortnite community kept on finding bad spots in every season instead of appreciating the good things. I really hope chapter 3 can keep everyone happy and bring back a lot of players who quit the game

  • Creepy Clown
    Creepy ClownAylar önce

    At first I hated that they removed the snipers right when I was getting better with it xD but now I really miss the bows, they were really fun to play with

  • BugWug
    BugWugAylar önce

    The mjormir actually swinged faster than normal pickaxes but the first swings were slower, Also the makeshift shotgun wasnt bad

  • ur mom candice

    ur mom candice

    Aylar önce

    @BugWug ok

  • BugWug


    Aylar önce

    @ur mom candice its you’re opinion but i think its good

  • ur mom candice

    ur mom candice

    Aylar önce

    I think the makeshift shotgun is bad

  • TrickyTheClown


    Aylar önce

    Well before buff it was after buff it was ok

  • Bloo
    BlooAylar önce

    Theory: So when you talk to Dark Jonesy about giving him the vessel and listening to his vision he says total annihilation or sacrifices I’ll happen. As sometimes Agent Jonesy says that he will sacrifice himself to save the island so he must sacrifice himself in the event and is eaten by the cubes which turns him into Dark Jonesy and Dark Jonesy says sacrifice because he is Agent Jonesy after being eaten by the cubes

  • Glitch


    Aylar önce

    Cool theory!

  • Darth chill

    Darth chill

    Aylar önce

    A nice theory. I like it!

  • Logan Bales
    Logan BalesAylar önce

    Tommy: Man, the sideways is third party-ers heaven! Also Tommy: I, personally, love it Anything you want to tell us about your gameplay, there Tommy?

  • Joseph Bledsoe

    Joseph Bledsoe

    25 gün önce

    @Top5Gaming hahahahaha

  • zerdno


    Aylar önce

    @Top5Gaming XD



    Aylar önce

    lol @top5gaming

  • Top5Gaming


    Aylar önce

    it was at this moment that logan realized im the third partier i was referring to

  • Χριστόδουλος Πλασταράς
    Χριστόδουλος ΠλασταράςAylar önce

    Let's be honest, if we had massive map changes in season 8, everyone would complain about it aswell

  • gladiator
    gladiatorAylar önce

    you forgot about the combat shotgun, it had super range with a quick fire rate

  • Sonic0220
    Sonic0220Aylar önce

    I hated how they removed the tacky wacky (Tactical shotgun)

  • Frozen One
    Frozen OneAylar önce

    I can't wait to see what the New Chapter has in Store!

  • EnsignPhoenix
    EnsignPhoenixAylar önce

    There was somebody that entered a sideways bubble I was in because of the caretaker battle. I did good damage on them before they seemed to flee. Eventually, the caretaker with the smash attack knocked me out of the bubble and I intended to get back in but that coward was camping outside the whole time. They were either waiting for me to finish the battle and then kill me, or wait for me to have a disadvantage through lower HP. Sweats these days..

  • Лъчезар Стоянов
    Лъчезар СтояновAylar önce

    I can't see why people were complaining about npc's. Sure, the IO guards in season 5 were a bit strong, but the other npc's weren't as OP. I was dominating any kind of npc location this chapter by myself

  • Liamrulz Gaming
    Liamrulz GamingAylar önce

    I mean, launchpads did get unvaulted in season 1 briefly, but that and the harpoon gun were literally the only things added to the season, ruling out the Halloween and Christmas events of course.

  • Carmel Baker
    Carmel BakerAylar önce

    For me you forgot one thing the mythic jump boots they were so hard to get and they were only useful for glider redeploy

  • Kirby 2ds
    Kirby 2dsAylar önce

    The sideways reminds me of season 6(ch.1). I loved fighting the zombies back then and I still love it

  • Alex Halabuk
    Alex HalabukAylar önce

    I hated the whiplash + shockwave combo every match i saw someone using the bug in season 5. Big rotation

  • SlurpySobble
    SlurpySobbleAylar önce

    I remember in season 6, the only primal gun I used was the shotgun, so I would always drop at lazy lake, get basic loot, then spend half the game grinding for mechanical parts by destroying cars. I love the concept of that season, but the grind to get normal guns was a pain.

  • EnderYT


    Aylar önce


  • SlurpySobble


    Aylar önce

    @jabbles747 yes. S O B B L E

  • jabbles747


    Aylar önce


  • iGo0gIe


    Aylar önce

    I agree. I love the fact you could upgrade your guns without using gold.

  • nst_CHIPZ


    Aylar önce

    @Gabriel Ball not really

  • nicesoccerball
    nicesoccerballAylar önce

    Cosmic chests were team only (only your team can see it). That's why you could always get them without being third partied.

  • Joseph Bledsoe

    Joseph Bledsoe

    25 gün önce

    i did not know that

  • Laura Hatcher
    Laura Hatcher15 gün önce

    The primal biome kinda looks like the Indominus Rex Incloser tbh

  • Parzei ꪜ
    Parzei ꪜAylar önce

    Ok here’s a little something: Season 1 Chp 2 was long for 1 reason epic was probably working on later seasons for example chp 2 season 2 was AWESOME so it had its normal time but season 3 sucked so they ended it very early so that was great

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel MorganAylar önce

    I'm gonna be honest I bloody hated the sideways things because they kept pulling you in once you go within a meter of it

  • MistaDip42
    MistaDip42Aylar önce

    I personally loved the fog, I feel like it’s a little bit like the random crits controversy in TF2, some love it, some hate it

  • Taqresu
    TaqresuAylar önce

    Well, there's just one thing I hate right now, the fact that you can't add fish to your collection in Battle Lab in Season 8! I just want to finish my collection with the White Slurpfish, but it can only be caught at Night, in the Swamp, with a Pro Fishing Rod. Which is nearly impossible to achieve, especially if you don't have 300 gold bars to upgrade normal fishing rods.

  • Necwos The Demonic furret
    Necwos The Demonic furretAylar önce

    i love the sideways because i found this trick to get the sideways loot easy, just drive over the chests with a carand wait for the timer to stop

  • Necwos The Demonic furret

    Necwos The Demonic furret

    Aylar önce

    @Vampdemigod Gaming if you dont kill the monsters there is a timer

  • Vampdemigod Gaming

    Vampdemigod Gaming

    Aylar önce

    True, but if you're in the bubble itself, there is no timer.

  • GamerX3017
    GamerX3017Aylar önce

    I hated season 5 due to the amount of crossovers we got, that whole season was a cash grab

  • Bendy
    BendyAylar önce

    At the end of the day, there’s always going to be something we hate. There really can’t be anything “perfect” in the game Still, as long as the game is still running well, that’s all we really need

  • thomas sanchez

    thomas sanchez

    Aylar önce

    @Forces💥🔫 he is not a bot he makes videos and streams

  • thomas sanchez

    thomas sanchez

    Aylar önce

    @OmarQ since you said that i will sub

  • Wilson Goodfellow

    Wilson Goodfellow

    Aylar önce

    "wii sports enter the chat"

  • Bendy


    Aylar önce

    @SFgamer I don’t mean everyone. I’m referring to collective opinions, and the general response. Nothing is going to be loved entirely by the community, nor is something going to be hated entirely by the community

  • SFgamer


    Aylar önce

    "At the end of the day, there’s always going to be something we hate" Enjoy the game and not complain about everything. Some things are trivial.

  • Vortex
    VortexAylar önce

    are you forgetting that they added mechs back less health but you can still spam rockets

  • The Cloaker
    The CloakerAylar önce

    “It only had 2 bullets” It acctualy took 4 shells every shot.

  • Smug Dancer
    Smug Dancer21 gün önce

    Chapter 3 took away all of the old guns for some reason and replaced them with a pile of garbage and a broken smg

  • Dorien Ladson
    Dorien LadsonAylar önce

    The stark weapon was seriously broken it might have aim bot

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro KujoAylar önce

    One thing I hate about chapter 2 is the sweats. I swear, at the beginning of season 8, the only people I see are the ones building the empire state building in one second, and they have mandolorian aim. It's not as bad for me as the season progressed, but I fear chapter 3 will be sweat Central

  • onepiecefan55


    21 gün önce

    @Akshat Sharma I always say that to my friend when we play because you shoot them once and they build a whole damn city

  • NiCeStGuY


    Aylar önce

    i feel you bro, the only thing i hate about this season is the sweats. in season 6 i played and got 79 wins, this season=7 only.

  • Gaming _SK

    Gaming _SK

    Aylar önce

    @Trinity nope

  • Trinity


    Aylar önce

    @Gaming _SK maybe you do.

  • Gaming _SK

    Gaming _SK

    Aylar önce

    @Trinity you need to go to an eye doctor

  • KingofSnipes546
    KingofSnipes546Aylar önce

    I like seasons 2-5. And I love how he was like “The fog makes it hard to see people or things, especially if you’re high up.” Like wait your telling me fog makes stuff hard to see? Since when? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

  • Justin Fantroy
    Justin FantroyAylar önce

    The trash xp for BR at the beginning of this season was also pretty bad

  • Nadim the legend
    Nadim the legendAylar önce

    The only thing I dont enjoy this season was the explosive brute monster . Its way too annoying

  • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you downAylar önce

    With the ufos people should just use rail guns they did 230 damage to the ufos

  • BroXKi
    BroXKiAylar önce

    I have a theory for the fog I noticed when I got maybe 3 kills + the fog appeared so maybe the fog makes the game harder but that's my theory.

  • txrbs
    txrbs23 gün önce

    you forgot about when you heal in season 5 you would sink into the sand and it’ll stop healing

  • Eagle-R2 Gaming
    Eagle-R2 GamingAylar önce

    I hate how you can't build at some certain parts of the map (probably a glitch)

  • fab 555
    fab 555Aylar önce

    I cant imagine how many under the map and Unlimited health glitches there will be in chapter 3

  • Cayde 6
    Cayde 6Aylar önce

    i feel like the god awful xp system at the start of season 8 deserves a mention here

  • Cubic


    12 gün önce

    @Priya Lakhani you would have to be experienced as hell to get to at least Kor

  • Priya Lakhani

    Priya Lakhani

    Aylar önce

    yep it was so trradshh

  • oZqdiac


    Aylar önce

    Yes definitely but it gets better as always am now lvl 260 odd

  • Sumudu Ratnayake

    Sumudu Ratnayake

    Aylar önce

    @Ultimate bruh Im level 260 I only played arena

  • whaduzitmatr


    Aylar önce

    @Ultimate no way dude they totally over corrected they are basically giving away XP now I got to 160something on my battle pass then I helped my friend get 50 levels on her battle pass in like a week and a half

  • Fusion Kobe
    Fusion KobeAylar önce

    Am I the only one who LOVED the flooded map?

  • Average joe
    Average joeAylar önce

    I don’t know why I feel this way but I liked season 5 the best. Idk if it’s because of the Christmas event or the battle pass, idk just it hit different to me.

  • DINOMAN5822
    DINOMAN5822Aylar önce

    one thing I don't get is the fuss about sand tunneling being removed it wasnt that useful and i barely used it

  • GilonPlushZ
    GilonPlushZ16 gün önce

    Bro, I hated how they removed the pump!!! That is one of the reasons I never played chapter 2 season 4-9 that much

  • b_mercy
    b_mercyAylar önce

    Bro I loved chapter two it was awsome only thing that annoyed me was the map because I missed the old map but to be honest chapter two was great… but season 1 was awful

  • scottishpotato66
    scottishpotato66Aylar önce

    I'm surprised he didn't talk about the new mechs, because no matter what epic does they'll still be overpowered

  • Hades_
    Hades_Aylar önce

    The thing that makes me the most angry is the lighting. I chapter 1 night and day were clear but now night is pitch black and you can’t see anything.

  • PBRJ
    PBRJAylar önce

    Lack of map changes, lack of updates and lack of keeping map changes from other seasons.

  • Gaeilge Gladiator
    Gaeilge Gladiator Aylar önce

    Epic didn't add map changes because Chapter 3 is coming and they wanted everyone to be really excited for a new map.

  • SCO_HypeYT
    SCO_HypeYTAylar önce

    Something that I hated that you didn’t mention was how in season seven llamas started running

  • William Afton
    William AftonAylar önce

    Did I miss something with the ch.2 s2 henchmen, I swear they weren’t that hard to defeat

  • H4RL


    Aylar önce

    Hey i make videos like Ceeday! Check them out if you want :))))))

  • Dumi
    DumiAylar önce

    Imma say I COMPLETELY loved the season as a whole.

  • Da Cat
    Da CatAylar önce

    I really hope that Chapter 3 will have a fresh vibe to it.

  • Joseph Bledsoe

    Joseph Bledsoe

    25 gün önce

    it does

  • Vampdemigod Gaming

    Vampdemigod Gaming

    Aylar önce

    Let us know your opinion once you play a few games, I'm curious to hear what folks think.

  • JGokuu


    Aylar önce

    What’s up everyone I made a fortnite chapter 2 review if u wanna check it out :))

  • Horshu


    Aylar önce

    Jesus Loves You

  • Gaming _SK

    Gaming _SK

    Aylar önce

    @Cole Slayz venom mythic, mech, the infinity blade, grape's glove, and sugoma

  • Ryan Jahansir
    Ryan JahansirAylar önce

    i like the charged shotty it let me peek more effectively because i was a noob and didn't know how to crank 90s

  • WilliamFox 89
    WilliamFox 89Aylar önce

    I'll just say that the thing I hated from chapter 2 were the raptors, and thank god they're gone

  • TripleDreigon64
    TripleDreigon64Aylar önce

    Season 9 and chapter 2 season 3 were my favorite because the pump shotgun, the most luck based gun in the game, was vaulted

  • I do not kno de wae
    I do not kno de wae25 gün önce

    "the reload speed was so slow it feel like time just stood still" Don't worry about that it was just me using *ZA WARUDO*

  • [Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
    [Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!veAylar önce

    Chapter 2 had its good moments. But the lack of map changes really made me hate the Chapter..

  • Crystle
    CrystleAylar önce

    we cant blame epic for no map changes in chapter 2 season 8 because they are propbably working 24.7 on chapter 3

  • Yutao Gray
    Yutao GrayAylar önce

    Doctor Doom spawned in a wooden house meaning if he missed you, the whole house would burn down

  • Soul Stealer
    Soul StealerAylar önce

    They should have gave you both versions in season 2 chapter 2 like ghost and shadow

  • Dankcow
    DankcowAylar önce

    I would really like epic to have both Bows and Snipers in the loot pool for Chapter 3 so crafting has more purpose (maybe don't add the Makeshift weapons back)

  • 🎮Mr Fishy Boy🎮

    🎮Mr Fishy Boy🎮

    Aylar önce

    @Shrek Harvey I take it your a Christian then...and you belive in one god.....which no doubt was passed down from your parents own beliefs. Did you know there are more than another 1000 self claimed gods in which people across the world believe in! Because they were taught so by there parents !!! Yet you think out of all those billions of people across the world who believe in another Gods/religions are wrong. Yet you belive your God is the correct and genuine. Wake up and open your eyes.... CANT BELIVE PEOPLE CAN BE SO SMALL MINDED. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF

  • Shrek Harvey

    Shrek Harvey

    Aylar önce

    @🎮Mr Fishy Boy🎮 May god bless 😊

  • Dankcow


    Aylar önce

    @CBWG Ah sorry my bad

  • CBWG


    Aylar önce

    no no no, you spelt it wrong, its spelt "makeshit"

  • 🎮Mr Fishy Boy🎮

    🎮Mr Fishy Boy🎮

    Aylar önce

    Jesus isn't real... sorry😟

  • Savagegamer017
    Savagegamer017Aylar önce

    the primal one was my favorite it was just so cool. it was also when i first started playing the game

  • Victor Espinosa
    Victor EspinosaAylar önce

    one of the things i absolutely hated and still hate to this day is the llamas. I miss the old llamas, Because the new ones just run away with no trace at all. And if you so much as leave them with 1 hp., they dissapear.

  • Robutol
    RobutolAylar önce

    He forgot that in season 17 they removed tacs

  • Gabriel Ball
    Gabriel BallAylar önce

    Actually every team has their own cosmic chest

  • Coolecr210
    Coolecr210Aylar önce

    actually the reason you could’ve always found the cosmic chest is because every team had their own chest and was invisible to everyone else

  • Some stupid Person
    Some stupid PersonAylar önce

    Honestly if chapter 2 season 1 wasn’t so long I think it’d be a decent season

  • Matricx LUMINEUX
    Matricx LUMINEUXAylar önce

    I started chapter 2 season 3 and marauders were the best “players” I had to fight against. They were annoying as hell

  • Tactical Turtle
    Tactical TurtleAylar önce

    Ngl I miss crafting ch3 kinda underwhelming in the loot pool rotation you can only find AR and SMG and the shotguns aren’t even worth picking up

  • C413B_74N
    C413B_74NAylar önce

    Let's just hope chapter 3 is just as good as chapter 2

  • DeltaVariant
    DeltaVariant22 gün önce

    One of the the most annoying things in chapter 3 is that every gun in chapter 2 was vaulted

  • Teragamerplays
    TeragamerplaysAylar önce

    Something I hated this season was the mythics. There are like no mythics. Also, there are no vaults! I think vaults are an awesome addition to Fortnite!

  • Wyatt Vankirk
    Wyatt VankirkAylar önce

    You Should have talked about the removal of the tax in this session

  • Boogie_MEMES
    Boogie_MEMESAylar önce

    Ok, who else actually liked the flooded map, I liked it because I like how the map looked flooded. Edit: who didn’t like all the mythics in season 4, everyone was begging for more mythics.

  • The X gamer
    The X gamerAylar önce

    I hated how chapter 2 season 7 the llamas started running around it was hard to kill and drained ammo

  • Bento
    BentoAylar önce

    i don't remember the Rick and Morty collaboration ever splitting the Fortnite community in two, but good video. It probably would've been more realistic if it was only 20 things that we hated, considering I could count over ten that were just fillers that only haters complained about

  • CarlEatsToes
    CarlEatsToesAylar önce

    Marauders would be easier to kill if you had more than a grey tac with 17 ammo 3:58

  • Zippy
    ZippyAylar önce

    i like how noone talks about the movin llamas that u have to shoot for 10h to destroy them

  • Jeeppu
    JeeppuAylar önce

    you forgot about coral castle :DD I personally do not like the caretakers at all and here is why. I had a sweatty endgame and a caretaker just kept attacking me and tried to pull me into the sideways from my box and kept stomping my box into pieces and everyone could just spray me

  • H4RL


    Aylar önce

    Hey i make videos like Ceeday! Check them out if you want :))))))

  • bluethunder
    bluethunderAylar önce

    Im i the only one who hates tacs, they do to much damage to quickly

  • Abood Ghamdi
    Abood GhamdiAylar önce

    There is something I’m guessing everyone is hating it is: THE RUNNING LLAMA the llama can literally run and when u work so hard to kill it it sometimes disappears and u can easily get third partied so yea… that’s the thing I hate